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CLL Group, LLC

  • Course

    Date: 3-5 June, 2013
    Location: Berlin, Germany

    Regular Price: € 1,900.00

    Product Owner Dojo & Project Launch: 

    To Launch your product and delight your customers we’re offering a 3-day hands-on course where you will learn about the art of being a great Product Owner.  We will provide a space for learning consisting of training, mentoring, networking and coaching, and you will learn how to launch a product to delight your customers. The core of the training is an experience of Agile with a holistic perspective - not only Scrum - on product development extended by a third day, where we will help you to launch your team and project. There is an option to continue in a mentor group beyond the training event. We provide deep knowledge and guidance of how to lead the change towards a successful and fulfilling Product Owner stance.

    We will do this by applying Agile practices to the training it self: thus expect a highly collaborative, social interactive, and playful group where trainers respond to change instead of following a fixed pre-set aganda. We will pair-faciltate the training to allow us to be even more responsive to your needs and lead the learning group in a very dynamic yet goal oriented style. We both have many years of experience in coaching Agile teams with a focus on product development and the role of the Product Owner.

    People are struggling making the shift from the traditional plan-based phased approach of product development to an adaptive Agile way.  What they are missing is the positive leverage Agile provides during product innovation and inception.  Exploring complex product development inspection and adaption is crucial.  This Product Owner Dojo is a place where you can stretch your Product Owner competencies to the fullest.  Having the highest Product Owner competencies accelerates your entire organization. On day three we will step you through from Vision through Release planning with your own project data. The real-world experience we bring to the course allow us to incorporate practical advice and time-tested techniques into this hands-on workshop. 

    This course will be in English, however we are multi-lingual: questions are taken in English, French and German, and these questions will be answered in the language the question was posed.

    This course is brought to you by Catherine Louis from and Stefan Haas from


    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance.

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    Date: 3-5 June, 2013
    Location: Berlin, Germany

    Betahaus Berlin
    prinzessinnenstr. 19
    Berlin, 10969 Germany,+10969+Berlin,+DE&ie=UTF8&z=15

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    Regular Price: € 1,900.00



    Teams will leave the 3 day Product Owner Dojo with their Vision crafted, First Release Demo or minimal viable product planned, full teams formed, Sprints Scheduled and execution has started. The goals of the course are designed to meet your needs for where you are today with your product development cycle. Please think about the goals you have as this course is designed to help you make it happen and let us know!

    To input your request for adding content to our Learning Backlog, please see this link here:;

  • Agenda
    • The Art of Being a Great Product Owner within the Agile Team

      Understand Agile

      • Rules of the Game, Agile Values, Benefits and Origins
      • Agile and Lean Methods and Thinking: Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP, dynamic modeling...a growing list.
      • Scrum flow and roles: The Product Owner, Team, Scrum Master 

      A day in the life of the Product Owner

      • The Product Owner as the Voice of the Customer
      • Mastering the Value Stream
      • Defining what to do: The Product Backlog
      • Determining the Release Scope
      • Visualize Work, Story Mapping and User Stories on the Product Backlog
      • Prioritizing/Refining the Product Backlog

      Releases: Sustainable Pace

      • Release Planning Strategies
      • Estimating Product Backlog Items
      • Using Story Points and Planning Poker
      • Choosing the Sprint Length and Determining Velocity
      • Creating the Release Plan
      • Tracking the Project Progress
      • Understand Flow
      • Blitz Planning
      • Sprint Workflow: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Retrospective
      • Formulating Powerful Sprint Goals
      • Understanding the Sprint Progress 

      Portfolio Management

      • The Planning Onion Why Portfolio Management Matters
      • Leveling the Demand Portfolio Management Steps
      • The Portfolio Bubble Chart

      Large and Distributed Agile Projects

      • Brook’s Law
      • Master Product Backlog and the Product Owner Team
      • Patterns for Multi-team Planning, Coordination and Distributed Scrum
      • Shared Norms and Assets

      The Art of Doing the Right Thing 

      • Initiate Change with Lean Startup for Entre- and Intrapreneurs
      • Actionable Metrics
      • Validated Leraning
      • Understanding the Customer 
      • Design Thinking 
      • Initiate Change 
      • The Product Vision for a Minimal Viable Product

      The Art of Leading Agile

      • Organic Growth and Conway’s Law (Team = Product)
      • Grow Structure: A Whole-team dynamic organizational modeling
      • Strategies for Change
      • Servant Leadership and Distributed Authority
      • Navigate Conflicts
      • Co-operation across company boundaries: Agile Contracts
      • Decision making
      • Culture hacking
      • Core Protocols
  • Who Should Attend

    Who will most benefit from attending?

    • The course is for:
      • Product Developers/Managers of all kinds: Product Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager Agencies, (Lead) Designer
      • Manager, Director, Head of product development
      • Intrapreneur within larger organization, who initates product development efforts
      • Entrepreneur, CEO/CTO/COO, especially when scaling product development is an issue
      • Scrum Master, Agile Coaches, who want to move into the role of a Product Owner or expand their knowledge
      • Team members who want to expand their knowledge and careers
      To get the most from this training event, you should have some experience in a leading role in product development and a basic understanding of Agile, e.g. Scrum. While this is a more advanced class, you can aquire the Scrumalliance Product Owner certificate with this course yet it is not meant as an introductory training for people new to product development or first users of Scrum. 


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