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Certified Scrum Product Owner®
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  • Course

    Date: 26-28 May, 2014
    Location: SHANGHAI, Shanghai, China

    Regular Price: 8000 RMB



    You are in charge of building a system, creating a new product release, or any other complex business project. Traditionally, you would hand this undertaking over to a trained project manager to run for you. You would then wait and hope for the best, since over 50% of all projects fail and those that succeed deliver products in which 65% of the functionality is rarely or never used. If a project is doomed to fail, can we know it earlier and focus on the top most valuable functionality for the customer?

    Scrum provides a way for you to directly and effectively manage the project yourself. Intuitive and lightweight, the Scrum process delivers completed increments of the product at rapid, regular intervals, usually no longer than monthly.

    Following successful completion of the course, each participant will be designated a Certified Scrum Product Owner. This certification includes an two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, where additional member-only material and information are available.





    How Different Is This Course / 同样的CSM课程,截然不同的感受

    Yuki Yu - Autodesk

    1. 为PO最有价值的能力提供大量方法论,分析也很透彻,如何找到真正的需求,形成backlog。
    2. 结合lean startup等先进地思想,让我体会到越早提供用户想要地价值是多么重要。
    3. 对每一步进行验证,尤其是证伪。提供了非常多的方法,但更重要的是意识到越早验证想法越能够做正确的事情。

    Wendy Huang - HP

    1. 我比较关注的是授课方式,和关于敏捷的一些新的理念和方向。
    2. Daniel的课程中有很多让我感到很有收获的地方。没有ppt的全新交付方式,让讲师能够专注于需要讲解的内容,而不受限制。
    3. 另外,Daniel关于产品创意产生过程的探索和验证的思索,将给予产品管理者和开发者全新的思考体系,是非常有价值的地方。

    Previous course students | 以前课程学员
    JP Morgan (摩根大通银行), Bank of America (美洲银行), Credit Suisse (瑞士第一信贷银行), PingAn Insurance (平安科技), ICBC (中国工商银行), Bank of Shanghai (上海银行), China Union Pay (中国银联), IBM, GE HealthCare (通用电气医疗集团), SAP, Ebay, Paypal, Autodesk, Baidu (百度), English First, Ericsson, Pearson Education, HP, Nokia, Alcatel Lucent, DHL, Dianping (大众点评), Xerox, Ministry of Aerospace Industry (航天部、总装备部), TrendMicro.

    A Unique Learning Environment / 独一无二的学习氛围

    You Will Learn

    In this course, Daniel Teng will help you together experience the role of product owner in the process turning ideas into product backlog and collaborate with Scrum team to get those done in a real case project, applying techniques such as Lean startup, Design Thinking, User Centric Design, Impact Mapping and Pretotype, Specification by Example into product discovery and delivery, addressing crucial project success factors:

    • How to find out the problems these potential customers would like to solve?
    • How can we ensure that these ideas can become requirements and forming product backlog?
    • How are we going to pick the highest priority items that can be quickly validated with real customer feedback?
    • How and when do everyone including real customers, product owners, team get involved in the backlog activities?
    • What do team and product owner do to make sure product backlog is READY for development and items can be done within two weeks?
    • How to minimize assumption and maximize clarification to avoid afterward surprise before starting development?
    • How to make sure the team can get something valuable delivered by the end of sprint
    • How to inspect and adapt the plan when we get change and feedback
    • How to predict the future reliably and plan release
    • How to kick off project
    • How to estimate effectively and efficiently


    在本课程中,滕振宇会引导大家通过实际项目来体验并体会产品负责人在把想法转换为产品待办事项列表,并与Scrum团队协作去把事情搞定的整个过程。您还有机会了解到如何在产品探索和交付过程中把一些最新的方法比如精益创业、设计化思维,用户中心设计、Impact Mapping、Pretotype、实例化需求等与Scrum结合,从而帮助团队:

    如何发现潜在客户的真正问题 如何确保想法转变为需求并变成产品待办事项列表的一部分 如何迅速高效地根据真实客户反馈来验证高优先级的需求 真实客户、产品负责人以及团队等所有人如何在Scrum框架下协作演进产品待办事项列表 为了保证需求能够在短时间内完成,产品负责人和团队如何以及以何种节奏去保证产品待办事项列表准备好 在着手实现之前,如何能够最大程度的澄清需求从而减少事后的“惊喜” 如何确保团队在Sprint结束时发布出有价值的功能 如何根据市场的变化以及客户的反馈调整计划 如何靠谱地作出预测并给出可靠的发布计划 如何启动一个项目 *如何迅速而高效的做出估算

    What You Get

    • High quality training from an industry expert
    • Recognition by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified ScrumMaster after passing a short certification exam
    • A one-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, a 50$USD value
    • A copy of the course materials
    • PMPs: You can receive 16 PDUs for this course.


    • 业界专家的高质量培训
    • 通过Scrum组织的小测验后就可以获得承认,成为认证ScrumMaster
    • 获得Scrum组织的两年会员资格,价值50美金
    • 一份课程资料的拷贝
    • PMP可以获得16PDUs


    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance.

  • Details

    Date: 26-28 May, 2014
    Location: SHANGHAI, Shanghai, China

    Pudong Avenue
    SHANGHAI, Shanghai 20004 China
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    Regular Price: 8000 RMB



    • RMB 8000 per person
    • Early bird RMB 7000 per person
    • Group (>=3) discount 15% further
    • First time enterprise customer have RMB 3000 special offer (only two seats)
    • University teachers and students have RMB 3000 special offer
    • Current CSM told me they learned a lot from the course, so they have a RMB 2000 special offer
    • Two free seats are offered to community contributors. There is a waiting list. In order to attend immediately, you can have a RMB 2000 special offer. You need to provide evidence of community contribution


    • 8000人民币每人
    • 提前一个月注册 7000元每人
    • 三人以上有进一步15%折扣
    • 首次企业客户享受体验价人民币3000元(仅限两位)
    • 大专院校老师或学生价格人民币3000元
    • 很多已获得CSM证书学员告诉我他们从课上学到好多东西,加深了对Scrum的认识,已获得CSM证书的学员享受人民币2000元的折扣价
    • 每次课程会有两个免费席位送给社区志愿者,但是需要一个等待队列。 如果想马上注册,可以享受人民币2000元的社区志愿者特殊价格。但是需要提供社区志愿活动的证据。
  • Agenda


    Day I

    • Scrum & Agile overview
    • Discovery
      • Goal
      • Measurement
      • Understanding customers
      • Prioritize before prioritization
      • Empathy

    Day II

    • Discovery
      • Collaboratively design in Design Studio
    • Delivery
      • User story lifecycle
      • ODDE product backlog
      • Estimation
      • Batch release
      • Story splitting
    • Rinse and Repeat
      • Cadence

    Day III

    • Rinse and Repeat
      • Planning
      • Definition of Done
      • Capturing customer feedback
    • Work in Scrum Context
      • Scrum roles
      • Scrum meetings
    • Advanced topics
      • Large scale Scrum


    Day I

    • Scrum与敏捷概述
    • 产品探索
      • 目标
      • 度量
      • 理解用户
      • 排优先级之前排优先级
      • 利用感同身受来探索产品方向

    Day II

    • 产品探索
      • 在设计工作室里协作设计
    • 产品交付
      • 用户故事的生命周期
      • ODDE的产品待办事项列表
      • 估算
      • 按批量发布
      • 需求切分
    • 去芜存菁,周而复始
      • 产品经理的神秘武器 - 批量和节奏
      • 实例化需求

    Day III


    • 去芜存菁,周而复始
      • 计划
      • 完成的定义
      • 捕捉客户反馈
    • Scrum环境下工作
      • Scrum角色
      • Scrum会议
    • 高级话题
      • 大规模Scrum
  • Who Should Attend

    Product manager, Product owner, executives, ScrumMaster, managers, developers, testers



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