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Certified Scrum Product Owner®
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    Date: 15-16 August, 2013
    Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

    Regular Price: $1695 incl GST

    About the Course

    The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training course is an intensive workshop on one of the most critical roles defined by the world’s most popular Agile method: Scrum. The course is designed to be an immersive learning experience emphasising hands-on participation through a highly interactive mix of seminars, group discussions, team activities, games and a full-cycle product development case study.

    The Product Owner role is critical to maximising Return on Investment from agile product development / projects and is one of the most challenging yet rewarding of the agile roles. As the voice of the customer to the delivery team, a Product Owner needs to be able to work effectively both with end users and other stakeholders but with the team on a day-to- day basis.

    This course provides guidance and practical tools for doing this using the Scrum framework and a complimentary set of the most widely used agile techniques including:

    • Collaborative Visioning,
    • User Stories,
    • Story Mapping,
    • Minimum Viable Product identification,
    • Customer/stakeholder priority input through Innovation Games,
    • Product Backlog management,
    • Rolling Release management, and
    • Release Burndown with scope tracking.

    Participants will learn:

    • The importance of iteration, learning and risk management in product development.
    • What Scrum is and how a Product Owner works in this environment.
    • What a Product Owner does and what it takes to perform the role well.
    • How to create a shared vision.
    • How to create and maintain a healthy Product Backlog.
    • How to manage a Release to a successful outcome using agile techniques.

    Course Outline

    The following initial course backlog provides an outline of major topics. In addition to this, there are numerous group discussions and exercises throughout the course. The Scrum framework is employed to manage the course as a two day Scrum project.

    Day 1: Scrum framework and Product Owner role

    Sprint Goal / Learning objective 1: You are able to describe the Scrum process framework and how it works from a Product Owner’s perspective.

    • Construction Challenge: As a Product Owner, I want to experience an example of how an agile approach helps so that I can leverage this for project success.
    • Iterative and Incremental: As a Product Owner I want to understand the concepts of Iterative & Incremental development so that I can leverage an agile delivery strategy.
    • Agility: As a Product Owner, I want to understand what it really means to be Agile in order to profit in a turbulent business environment.
    • The Scrum Framework: As a Product Owner, I want to understand the Scrum Framework, so that I can leverage it effectively in order to build my product.
    • Completing the Scrum Puzzle: As a Product Owner, I want understand Scrum rituals, relationships with other participants and Scrum writings holistically from a Product Owner perspective so that I understand how I interact with other people and artefacts in Scrum environment.
    • Product Backlog: As a Product Owner I want to understand what a good Product Backlog looks like, so that I can use it effectively to craft a successful product.
    • Grooming the Product Backlog: As a Product Owner I want to understand the criteria for a well groomed backlog, so that I can keep mine in good shape.

    Sprint Goal / Learning objective 2: You are able to describe the responsibilities of a Product Owner and the activities you are expected to perform in a Scrum environment.

    • Sprint Planning: As a Product Owner I want to understanding my responsibilities in Sprint Planning, so as to get the best out of this key activity.
    • Sprinting: As a Product Owner, I want to know what is expected of me during Sprints so I can behave in a way that is best aligned to the Scrum approach.
    • Sprint Review: As a Product Owner I want to understand my role in Sprint Review, so as to get the best out of this key activity.
    • The Product Owner Role: As a Product Owner, I want to understand the characteristics of a good Product Owner, so that I know what it takes to do the job well.
    • Living the Scrum Values: As a Product Owner, I want to know what is valued as part of the Scrum approach so that I can use these values to guide me in my work.

    Day 2: Full-day product development case study

    Day two is a full day case study of the participants’ own invention involving envisioning and managing the delivery of an online product from start to finish (at the Product Owner level only). Participants will gain hands-on experience with Scrum and further widely used agile techniques that are taught incrementally throughout the day.

    Sprint Goal / Learning objective 3: You are able to collaboratively build a shared vision and generate a customer-focused high-level product backlog for it.

    • Envisioning: As a Product Owner I want to learn how to create a shared Vision, so that I create a motivating environment and have rich ongoing engagement with the vision.
    • User Roles: As a Product Owner I want to have clarity on who we are building the solution for so we can solicit their input and address their specific needs.
    • User Stories and Story Writing workshop: As a Product Owner, I want hands-on experience with User Stories, so that I have a technique for creating good Product Backlog Items.
    • Story Mapping: As a Product Owner, I want to be able to plan releases in a collaborative way so that I can get the best ideas and buy-in from all key players.

    Sprint Goal / Learning objective 4: You are able to prioritise a product backlog and manage an unpredictable multi-Sprint release to a successful outcome.

    • Splitting Stories As a Product Owner, I want a toolkit of techniques for splitting stories that I can use to keep my backlog well groomed.
    • Prioritisation tools: As a Product Owner, I want some techniques I can use to help me prioritising my Product Backlog.
    • Buy a Feature: As a Product Owner I want a technique for soliciting input from customers / stakeholders as to their interest in features so that I have richer information on their interests when prioritising.
    • Release Burndown: As a Product Owner, I want to learn how to interpret and use a Release Burndown, so that I can control my product progress to release.
    • Agile Release Management: As a Product Owner, I want to know how to manage my release so that our probability of success is maximised.

    About certification

    This Product Owner training course is all inclusive of a globally-recognised certification with the Scrum Alliance for participants who fulfill the expectations of the trainer during the course. Whilst some pre-reading is required, there is no exam to complete after the training course.


    This course is particularly suitable for those shaping the product/solution from a business perspective. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Product Owners,
    • Product Managers,
    • Business Owners, and
    • Business Analysts.

    This course is also highly relevant to those involved in coaching a Product Owner to be effective in their role. This includes:

    • ScrumMasters,
    • Iteration Managers, and
    • Project Managers.

    Product Owners coming from business areas of the organisation may have a deep understanding of the business and experience with customer and value-based decision-making yet a limited familiarity with the project management issues to be managed to achieve successful delivery. Conversely, Product Owner coming from a project management or technical background may have plenty of experience with delivery concerns such as quality and risk management but less familiarity with how to ascertain value and make business decisions. For these reasons, this course covers both the Product Management (determining the right product) and the Project Management (successful execution) components of the Product Owner’s role.

    This course may qualify Project Management Professionals for 14 PDUs as approved by the Project Management Institute.


    There are no training pre-requisites for the CSPO course although it is expected that participants have an appreciation of the challenges involved in product development or business solution delivery from a stakeholder or stakeholder management perspective.

    At minimum, it is expected that participants are familiar with the material in the Scrum Primer ( - 3.2 Mb PDF).

    Whilst not essential, participants can expect to get more out of the course having read the following book:

    Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love by Roman Pichler, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2010.


    What others are saying about courses from Scrum WithStyle

    “A great course. Excellent facilitation & presentation.”

    - Project Manager, Workcover NSW


    “Very insightful and enjoyable.”

    - Analyst/Programmer, Agile Development Team, University of Sydney


    "I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thanks for facilitating it in such an agile and participative way."

    - Portfolio Manager at a large local council


    "Thank you again for the trainings. I am now more confident running the Scrum projects at work."

    - Project Manager, RedHat Asia Pacific


    For more testimonials see:


    AUD $1695 per person. This includes:

    • two full days training with a highly experienced agile practitioner
    • printed handouts including course content and worksheets
    • a letter of course completion that may be submitted to your employer and/or a professional body (PMI/ACS) for PDUs (available upon request)
    • full catering during the course including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
    • certification as a Certified Scrum Product Owner for participants who successfully meet expectations during the course
    • 2 years membership with the Scrum Alliance



    Please select the "Register" button at the top of this page to be directed to PM Partners' online registration. Alternatively, you can call PM Partners on 1300 70 13 14 to register or email them at 

    For any other questions you can call Scrum WithStyle on (02) 9567 3101 or email us at

    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance.

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    Date: 15-16 August, 2013
    Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

    PM Partners
    Level 2
    228 Pitt St
    Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
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    Regular Price: $1695 incl GST


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