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11/20/2012 12:00:00 AM Action & Influence, Inc. Avtech Institute of Technology 50 Cragwood Road - Suite 350 South Plainfield NJ 07080-2406 United States of America 40.5534203 -74.417696 1250


Action & Influence, Inc.

  • Course

    Date: 20-21 November, 2012
    Location: South Plainfield, NJ, United States of America

    Regular Price: 1250


    This is a hands-on 2-day training workshop that isn't DEATH BY POWERPOINT.


    - Boredom-free environment

    - Hands-on exercises

    - Ideas to practical applicability

    - ***INCLUDES NEW TEST PREP GUIDE WITH OVER 80+ TEST PREP QUESTIONS - You won't get this from  other CSM classes!*** 



    "I enjoyed this class immensely - it gives practical ways to apply a method to the ways we've been working around overly rigid processes for years. Senior leaders need this class to spread it to our organization!" - Stephanie


    "Peter has great depth of knowledge and great interactive exercises." - Denise 


    "I LOVE the way you incorporate a personal approach to software development. I think that your exercises are really great and helpful for understanding and fostering questions. You're an awesome instructor! I really like your style of teaching. It is very insightful!" - Laura 


    "I believe Scrum has the potential to GREATLY improve the productivity in my office." - Jack


    "Peter is a very positive and exciting to be in the presence of." - Dominic


    "I am pumped about having a way to organize with a team and express concepts to each other and build teams based on cultural fit!" - Mario


    "I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm about the subject matter and honestly feel you did a great job and were able to answer all questions… not side stepping them as some instructors do." - Todd



    - You will receive an email with instructions to set up a Scrum Alliance account.

    - You can [optionally] take a short CSM examination. 

    - Upon completion of the CSM exam, you will be recognized as a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) by the Scrum Alliance.


    All CSM courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance. Taking a CSM course, passing the CSM test, and accepting the license agreement designates you as a Certified ScrumMaster, which indicates that you have been introduced to and understand the basic concepts you need to perform as a ScrumMaster or team member on a Scrum team. This course also satisfies two elements of the CSD track: Scrum Introduction and Elective.

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    Date: 20-21 November, 2012
    Location: South Plainfield, NJ, United States of America

    Avtech Institute of Technology
    50 Cragwood Road - Suite 350
    South Plainfield, NJ 07080-2406 United States of America

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    Regular Price: 1250





    Peter Saddington is an Organizational Consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) who has been in software development for 15+ years. He has 3 Masters degrees (Counseling, Education, Theology) and is publishing his second book in late 2012 (Wiley) on Agile and Human Performance. He is the co-founder of a research and analytics company, Action & Influence (, which measures human dynamics within the enterprise cultures.


  • Agenda


    -2 Full Days

    -From 9:00AM to 5:00PM daily for the two days of the course

    -Lunch will be provided

    -Material Handouts will be provided


    1. Definition of Scrum: Basic Scrum background and framework, principles and values which ensure the correct understanding of Scrum.

    2. Scrum theory: the three legs of Scrum theory (transparency, inspection and adaptation) are explained. Resultant and fundamental values are examined in details: responsibility, self-organization and self-management, sense of urgency, commitment, technical excellence, rhythm, discipline, respect and courage.

    3. Scrum framework: The meetings, artifacts and roles that make up the Scrum process.

    4. Scrum practices: Estimation, planning, user stories, planning poker, prioritization techniques and other practices which are commonly used in Scrum.

    5. Agile Leadership: What is it and why is it important for a ScrumMaster? Common models of Leadership.

    6. Coaching and facilitation: Coaching definition, coaching scenarios, and facilitation techniques used by ScrumMasters.

    7. Team Dynamics and Management's Role for Teams: The role of culture in teams and how to lead teams to high-performance.

    8. Other topics as requested by the attendees.


  • Who Should Attend


    Project managers

    Software developers

    Functional managers

    Operational roles

    Sales roles

    Marketing roles

    Engineers and architects

    Executives who want agility at scale



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