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3/13/2014 12:00:00 AM AgileDad VersionOne Headquarters 6220 Shiloh Road Suite 400 Alpharetta GA 30005 United States of America 34.1115999 -84.2031397 1295 per Student



  • Course

    Date: 13-14 March, 2014
    Location: Alpharetta, GA, United States of America

    Regular Price: $1295 per Student

    Course Description:

    Trainers and teachers all over the world have created a variety of teaching styles and techniques. This learning session and workshop promises to be like no other you have ever attended. Prior students in various sessions have gone as far as to say this class is life changing. While I cannot promise this workshop will change your life, here is what I can promise. 1) While this class is based on the Scrum Method within the Agile Framework, the teachings are not bound or limited to theory. We dig deep in class and help people solve pressing problems and issues they are facing. 2) If your only goal for taking the class is to pass the test, this class is not for you. While my class average test score sits near the very top of all trainers, this is not our primary goal. Our primary goal is to place you in first person scenarios where you can learn how to really execute in your position, not just recall what the book says you should do. You will leave with new tools to help you perform your job better. 3) Scrum is not all about software anymore, nor is it an all or nothing prospect. This class will point out real world examples of how well known organizations from startup to enterprise have adopted Scrum and witnessed dramatic incremental changes. While software is still a very important industry where Scrum can be applied, many organizations are finding ways to apply this method throughout their organization. This is not a back of the room type training and does require participation from each attendee.

    As for formality, this experience will include:
    A complete 2 day classroom session eligible for 14 PDU’s
    A two year membership to the Scrum Alliance
    Eligibility to take the online test and online testing fees are all included as part of this session
    A complete guide/workbook with over 100 pages of reference materials and exercises   

    About the Instructor:

    AgileDad was founded in September of 2007 by V. Lee Henson who serves as President & CEO. Lee’s 14 years of experience spans a broad array roles and responsibilities. He is currently one of just over 140 Certified Scrum Trainers worldwide and has Certified well over 1000 ScrumMasters and Product Owners. He is also a Project Management Professional, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner,  and a Certified Lean Agile Professional. His personal experience includes hands on web development, quality assurance analysis, automated test engineer, senior product manager, senior project manager, ScrumMaster, agile coach, consultant, and ADDIE training professional. He has worked with hundreds of teams to assist them in successful implementation of thousands of projects. His client list includes over 30 of the Fortune 100 companies, Government sector projects, small and large software production facilities, and multiple successful large-scale e-commerce implementations.

    His unique blend of recent real-world experience in various roles combined with the ability to drive home complex concepts in an easy to understand manner make him an amazing resource to get any team at any level best focused on project related initiatives. His personal approach and ability to inspect and adapt to any situation during training and coaching sessions has helped inspire teams to be successful at any level. Unlike other trainers or coaches, Lee has personally assisted in the organizational transformation of companies sized from start up to enterprise intercontinental.

    When not coaching or training, Lee enjoys doing motivational, inspirational, and keynote speaking sessions at various conferences, churches, and universities. He has been recognized multiple times for excellence in public speaking and does all he can to help others get the most out of both work and home life.

    Lee is a graduate of the Disney Management Institute and has served as Chairperson for the Scrum Alliance Certification Advisory Board. He is the author of the Definitive Agile Checklist and publishes the Agile Mentor newsletter. He is the inventor of Rapid Release Planning and is continually looking for ways to advance the Agile and Scrum community.


    This class is applicable and recommended to all levels and roles including Managers, Designers, Developers, Testers, Analysts, Executives, Project Managers and IT Professionals. 

    Class Prerequisites:
    There are no class prerequisites. We do encourage you to arrive well rested and prepared for a full day of fun and interactive learning.

    Professional Development Units (PDUs):
    PMPs: You are eligible to receive 14 PDUs for this course.

    All CSM courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance. Taking a CSM course, passing the CSM test, and accepting the license agreement designates you as a Certified ScrumMaster, which indicates that you have been introduced to and understand the basic concepts you need to perform as a ScrumMaster or team member on a Scrum team. This course also satisfies two elements of the CSD track: Scrum Introduction and Elective.

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    Date: 13-14 March, 2014
    Location: Alpharetta, GA, United States of America

    VersionOne Headquarters
    6220 Shiloh Road
    Suite 400
    Alpharetta, GA 30005 United States of America

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    Regular Price: $1295 per Student


    What Others are Saying:
    "Just a quick follow up on the class. You did an exceptional job! I have attended many training classes and this is the first one where I came out going "wow - I want to be like him when I grow up". :-) In other words - you made the class very enjoyable, brought the material home with your experience, and I walked out knowing a whole lot more than when I walked in."


    "I wanted to take a moment and let you know that the training you provided us was very well received. Thanks to your input, we were able to rollout Scrum to two of our project teams within a week and have other teams lined up for the transition. I appreciate your time and energy during the training. Your guidance is much appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the future. "


    "Lee was a big help, he is very knowledgeable on Agile values and principles. We didn’t get everything solved but I really didn’t expect we would in one session. Yesterday gave me an opportunity to see some parts of Scrum that I hadn’t had a chance to play with yet. Lee showed me several neat tricks and best practices that I believe will really pay off."


    "Thanks for all of the notes and documents and thanks so much for a meaningful two day session! I received great feedback about your depth and leadership skillset!"


    "Everyone very much appreciated learning from someone as experienced and insightful as you."


    "The greatest benefit of the CSM course was the combination of real-world experience and knowledge. This training was not only appropriate for EVERY role, but through my efforts to bring in Agile experts, no other single trainer or coaching group has more enthusiasm or on the ground experience than I received over the last 2 days."


    "Two Words... Simply AWESOME"

  • Agenda

    ** This Workshop features exercises to give the participants real-world working experiences using Scrum Methods **

    Defining Agile

    Scrum Roles & Responsibilities

    The Agile Manifesto

    Exploring Technical Debt

    Agile vs. Plan Driven

    Vision & Strategy

    Agile vs. Waterfall

    Roadmapping & Agile Meetings

    Establishing Trust & Accountability

    Story Creation & Estimation

    The Survivor Mentality

    Rapid Release Planning

    Defining Scrum

    Sprint Planning

    Scrum Core Framework

    Sprint Review & Retrospective

  • Who Should Attend

    This class is applicable and recommended to all levels and roles including Managers, Designers, Developers, Testers, Analysts, Executives, Project Managers and IT Professionals.


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