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  • Course

    Date: 22-23 June, 2017
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

    Regular Price: 950


    The class is designed to integrate people with different level of Scrum exposure and experience. It not only teaches the core concepts. It let you practice the Agile mindset through a variety of workshops, exercises, and discussions, facilitated by experienced trainers.

    1.jpgA list of self-preparation materials, including videos and articles, will help you explore the current state of the Scrum framework and be prepared for the classroom work. It also helps participants start preparing for an online testing, mandatory for being qualified as a Certified ScrumMaster®.

    Working in a cozy small sub-teams, you will have a great opportunity to discuss typical cases as well as complex scenarios of Scrum adoption, share your experience, challenge your concepts, deepen your understanding of how Agile mindset and practices could work in different contexts.   

    You will participate in simulations, practice teamwork and problem solving, observe live coaching session and learn from the class design a lot of facilitation technics.


    It will be a significant step towards mastering the complex role of Change Agent, Coach, Mentor and Servant Leader named ScrumMaster. You will get a lot of ideas how to help your teams and organization improve their process, practices, and relationships, working on such topics as:  

    • How Product Discovery and Agile Delivery works together?
    • How to implement and adapt Scrum working with distributed teams?
    • How to deal with remote Product Owners and Subject Matter Experts?
    • How to scale Scrum framework throughout the organization?
    • How to combine it with support and maintenance activities?
    • How to decide an appropriate set of engineering practices?
    • How to integrate quality assurance activities in Scrum sprints?
    • How to compliment Scrum with Kanban and other Agile practices?
    • etc..

    Handout materials will help you organize your thoughts and convert them into small actionable steps towards implementation.

    Handbooks based on neuroscience concepts and coaching practice, created by Nataliya will help you gain positive change from the course. It helps participants understand organizational changes as a personal challenge for every employee. So you could use Nataliya’s  "Tiny Habits" system for helping yourself, and your colleagues manage the transformation path.

    This class will energize and inspire you for experimenting to reach higher levels of productivity, creativity, and fun at work.


    13909071_1065297173506449_5974435804546927146_o-001.jpgNataliya Trenina - Agile coach, CST, managing partner at SCRUMguides company, focused on leading organizational transformations towards Agility and empowering positive change. She is a Scrum Trainer Certified by Scrum Alliance.

    EXPERIENCE: Having more than 15 years of expertise in the technology field, she made a long way from a Developer to Head of Department. Nataliya was inspired with Agile mindset in 2008, from then her work context changed substantially.

    From 2009, as a managing partner and co-owner of SCRUMguides company, she is changing organizational culture, bringing joy and meaning to workplaces of various companies.

    KNOWLEDGE: Continuously learning from best world experts, Nataliya is certified as a CST and CSP by Scrum Alliance, LEGO(c) SERIOUS PLAY © Facilitator, Agile Trainer by ICAgile, Team Coach by Ericson Coaching International. She is also ORSC ™  trained system relationship coaching practitioner.

    PRACTICE: Working for last seven years together with other “scrum guides” she has taught more than 1000 people and helped to change dozens of companies. You can see the feedback regarding her work in her Linkedin profile. She works both with product and offshore companies and works with entrepreneurs as a business coach.

    ACTIVITY: As an ideologist and co-founder of the professional Agile Eastern Europe, Agile Base Camp и HOTCode conferences, Nataliya helps AgileUkraine community to evolve internal expertise and acquire experience from world-class experts.

    MISSION: As an organizational coach, she helps various NGO to grow through the application of LEAN and AGILE approaches. She is a co-founder one of the biggest Ukrainian wartime NGO “Vostok - SOS” (“East-SOS”) and a founder of NGO3:0 - non-profit organization, that helps other NGOs develop their social capital and process efficiency.




    Mykola Shurma, PMP, CSM,
    Project Manager:

    I attended the Scrum training conducted by Nataliya and I did enjoy it. It was professionally organized, the quality of materials was good and often fun, there were lots of samples, practice and experience sharing. Nataliya, as a trainer, was really cool and did her best trying to share as much knowledge as she could during such a short training. I recommend attending this training or any other by Nataliya if you want to dive into agile, scrum, and product ownership, or polish your skills

    Alexander Menzheres,
    Co-Founder at Apiware LLC:

    I've recently attended Nataliya's training and would like to recommend her as a professional coach that pays significant attention to process visualization, practice and fun. She makes her best to stay up to date with the most recent Agile approaches and techniques, which adds even more value to her certification courses. I encourage everyone who's looking for CSPO or CSM trainings in Ukraine to consider Nataliya.

    Alexander Menzheres,
    Co-Founder at Apiware LLC:

    I participated in both Scrum Master and Product Owner courses. I attended Scrum Master course 6 months before the Product Owner one. At the beginning, I thought it would be not so interesting because I thought I knew a lot about the course. However, the program was really good and the information I knew was shown from a different perspective.

    I enjoyed the course because it helped me to improve my knowledge and get new experience. Nataliya is a really talented coach and knows how to involve all the participants into the studying process. It’s worth visiting this course even if you already have some other certifications.

    Lucy Karpova,
    Scrum Master Lead / Kanban Coach at X1 Group:

    Nataliya is a very inspiring Scrum trainer, she's very good at explaining a rather complicated methodology in simple terms and has a wide experience in helping various types of IT and non-IT companies use Agile technologies to get better results. I was absolutely happy with the training I visited and hope to advance more in agile methodologies with her help.

    Slavik Andreyev,
    QA Engineer at Ciklum:

    Nataliya is the greatest Scrum Trainer ever. She helps to understand her students what is Scrum and how to use it to improve quality of product and processes. Nataliya has delivered to me the most important knowledge about software development I ever learned. Thanks, Nataliya.

    Dmitry Borschanenko,

    Nataliya is great Agile coach who can easily inspire people to learn new things and build efficient learning process.

    She brought to our teams understanding of how to apply all the agile techniques in the real, every day work. Before Nataliya's training we had only theoretical knowledge about agile approaches, but she put everything together by the interesting workshops and made our knowledge applicable.

    Her ability to control the situation and lead the groups shows her real tallent as a trainer. I can strongly recommend Nataliya as a highly professional coach and very open person.


    All CSM courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance. Taking a CSM course, passing the CSM test, and accepting the license agreement designates you as a Certified ScrumMaster, which indicates that you have been introduced to and understand the basic concepts you need to perform as a ScrumMaster or team member on a Scrum team. This course also satisfies two elements of the CSD track: Scrum Introduction and Elective.

  • Details

    Date: 22-23 June, 2017
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

    Kyiv, Ukraine

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    Regular Price: 950


    Course duration: 2 full days.

    Group size: from 15 to 24 participants.

    Certification conditions: In order to be certified, a participant may be late or absent for not more than 1 hour and only with prior permission from the trainer.

    Work schedule:

    • 09:30 - registration, opening of the day
    • 10:00 - beginning of the program
    • 13:00 - one-hour lunch break
    • 18:30 - closing of the day

    Learning flow:

    • Coffee breaks are held in mode 90/15 min. or 60/10 min.
    • Lunch time & duration are matter of discussion with the group.
    • Team tasks and subgroup discussions will be facilitated by 2 experienced coaches and those practitioners who want to check and improve their facilitation skills.

    Other features:

    • Scrum Product Owner Certification from the Scrum Alliance provided by CST
    • Free two years membership at
    • 16 SEU (Scrum education unit) for your CSP certification from ScrumAlliance
    • 16 PDU for PMI members that could be used for prolongation of PMP and PMI-ACP certifications
  • Agenda


    1. Setting the stage

    • Introducing to plans, colleagues and course leaders
    • Building up agreements on process and atmosphere
    • Collection questions, expectations, and goals

    2. Agile v.s. traditional management approaches

    • Typical pitfalls of archetypal tech projects
    • Common sense and history of signing Agile Manifesto
    • Clear picture of Agile values, principles, practices, framework

    3. Overview an ecosystem of roles, practices, and artifacts named as Scrum framework

    4. The philosophy of Lean software development and Continuous improvement culture

    • Collaboration on practice
    • Follow up and making conclusions

    5. Development Team - Leaders of Process & Technology

    • How to design appropriate team size and structure;
    • Four team steps towards high productivity and how SM’s could help;
    • What are the right understanding of the responsibility and commitment;
    • Mechanism of team self-organization in Scrum, and how not to harm it;
    • How to help in setting up new behavior patterns of collaboration;
    • Useful v.s. harmful financial drivers like personal appraisals and bonuses;
    • How to employ intrinsic motivation work for the team and personal growth;
    • How to split big team and set up multi-team collaboration practices;
    • How to scale teams and adapt process while project is growing;
    • How to modify Scrum practices for distributed projects;
    • Subroles in the Development team and other team influencers.


    1. Scrum Master - Leader of Agile Culture

    • The sub roles of a good Scrum Master:
      • Teacher and Mentor on Agile values and practices;
      • Coach for work relationships and process improvements;
      • Facilitator for meetings and another human side of the process;
    • Clarifying proc's and con's
    • Part-time v.s. full-time job;
    • Tech or non-tech background;
    • Grow up from within or hire;
    • Evolution of the role during Agile transformation process;
    • Path of further development and useful tricks from this classroom;

    2. Product Owner role - the King of Product Vision

    • The importance of taking ownership:
      • Ownership of product discovery process: domains, markets, business models, business growth, etc.
      • Ownership of budgets, strategies of ROI, prioritization based on goals, impact measurements, product metrics, etc.
      • Ownership of shared vision, team collaboration, motivation based on purpose and product goals, and constant requirement refinement;
    • Interacting with investors, SME and other stakeholders;
    • What and how SM can teach or inspire for learning PO's

    3. Product vision, scope, and requirements

    • How Product Discovery and Agile Delivery works together
    • Principles and practices of managing Product Backlog
    • Estimation and planning technics for Scrum teams

    4. Scrum Ceremonies - how people collaborate on shared purpose

    • Story Time - making product vision and features clearer;
    • Sprint Planning - clarifying goals, designing iteration, agree on scope;
    • Daily Meeting - checking data & commitment, collaborate on issues;
    • Sprint Review - completing iteration & overview product increment;
    • Retrospection - evaluating and improving process, environment, relationship.

    5. Questions and Answers

    Follow topics could compliment with others based on group questions and voting. We use Lean Coffee and World Caffe facilitation technics to involve everybody in sharing experience process.  The amount of the additional exercises and discussions is determined by the dynamics of group work.

    The course program is not intended to trainers recommendations on the adaptation process in the company and a detailed review of participant cases. For this purpose, we work in the format of coaching, based on the obtained theoretical knowledge by participants during the training.

  • Who Should Attend

    The program is designed to integrate people with different roles and level of Scrum experience. It will be useful for Scrum practitioners, Project & Program Managers, Product Owners, Business and IT managers, Team Leads, Architects, Developers, Analysts and Testers, Delivery Managers or anyone interested in learning about Scrum and Agile Methodologies.

    On completion of the course and passing the online exam, attendees receive official designation as Certified ScrumMaster (R) by the Scrum Alliance.


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