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DVM consult


  • Course

    Date: 7-8 March, 2011
    Location: Wroclaw, Poland

    Regular Price: 950 EUR (net)

    Welcome to the next Certified ScrumMaster training in Wroclaw (Poland).

    All CSM courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance. Taking a CSM course, passing the CSM test, and accepting the license agreement designates you as a Certified ScrumMaster, which indicates that you have been introduced to and understand the basic concepts you need to perform as a ScrumMaster or team member on a Scrum team. This course also satisfies two elements of the CSD track: Scrum Introduction and Elective.

  • Details

    Date: 7-8 March, 2011
    Location: Wroclaw, Poland

    Wroclaw, Poland

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    Regular Price: 950 EUR (net)

  • Agenda

    Gain hands-on experience with the basic principles of Scrum, including:

    • Product backlog
    • Sprint backlog
    • Daily Scrum meetings
    • Retrospectives
    • Sprint planning meeting
    • Working with the Product Owner (and user stories)
    • Burn charts and reports

    Practice dealing with the obstructions to high productivity on your Scrum team, such as:

    • Incomplete stories at sprint end
    • Estimation in story points and hours (release planning and sprint planning), estimating bugs and maintenance work
    • Technical debt and legacy problems
    • Obscure "technical" backlog items or user stories
    • Sprints with lengthy analysis and time-consuming testing
    • Learn practical approaches to increasing productivity while increasing Product Owner and management satisfaction
    • Learning from feedback - and running engaging retrospectives
    • Explore techniques for applying Scrum to large and distributed teams
    • Scrum and corporate governance and quality models


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