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Pichler Consulting Limited

  • Course

    Date: 24-25 January, 2008
    Location: Munich, Germany

    Regular Price: See OOP 2008 Conference Program


    This hands-on, interactive class enables the course delegates to apply Scrum effectively:

    • Assume the responsibilities of a ScrumMaster
    • Remove the barriers between development and the customer so that the customer/Product Owner directly drives development
    • Improve employee satisfaction
    • Improve the engineering practices and tools so each increment of functionality is potentially shippable

    Additionally, upon successful completion of the course, each participant is enrolled as a Certified ScrumMaster, which includes a one-year Scrum Alliance membership and access to ScrumMaster-only material.


    Project managers, team leads, and IT/development managers interested in successfully introducing Scrum into their organizations, as well as, product managers, business analysts, architects and developers interested in applying Scrum.


    Before the course, students are required to read at least one of the following books prior to the course:

    • Ken Schwaber. Agile Project Management with Scrum. Microsoft Press
    • Roman Pichler. Scrum - Agiles Projektmanagement erfolgreich einsetzen. dpunkt.verlag

    Participants will also benefit from having watched Ken Schwaber talking about Scrum and from reading the messages posted at the Scrum Yahoo! discussion group prior to the course:



    • Agile Values and Scrum Origins
    • Scrum and Change
    • Empirical Process Control
    • Companies Using Scrum

    Scrum Process and Roles

    • Scrum Flow, Iterative-incremental Software Development and Shippable Product Increments
    • The Role of the Product Owner
    • The Role of the Team including Team Dynamics, Team Norms and the Visual Workplace
    • The ScrumMaster Role including Conflict Management, Appraisals and Appointing the ScrumMaster
    • The Role of Project Managers and Functional Managers in Scrum

    Requirements Management

    • Software Overproduction
    • The Product Backlog
    • Prioritisation Techniques

     Release Management

    • Sustainable Pace
    • Estimating and Planning
    • Tracking

    Working with Sprints

    • Sprint Workflow and Characteristics
    • Sprint Planning Preparation
    • Sprint Estimating and Planning
    • Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Review and Retrospective
    • Sprint Reporting

     Large and Distributed Scrum Projects

    • Brook’s Law
    • Organic Growth and Conway’s Law
    • Master Product Backlog and the Product Owner Team
    • Team Set-up
    • Multi-team Planning and Coordination
    • Shared Norms and Assets
    • Distributed Scrum Project Tips
    • Sample Distributed Project Org

    Getting Started in Scrum

    • Just Do It
    • The Nature of Change
    • Scrum Adoption Stages
    • Change Practices including the Enterprise Transition Team and the Transition Product Backlog
    • Deming’s PDCA Cycle
    • The Role of Consultants

    All CSM courses are taught by Trainers approved by the Scrum Alliance. Taking a CSM course, passing the CSM test, and accepting the license agreement designates you as a Certified ScrumMaster, which indicates that you have been introduced to and understand the basic concepts you need to perform as a ScrumMaster or team member on a Scrum team. This course also satisfies two elements of the CSD track: Scrum Introduction and Elective.

  • Details

    Date: 24-25 January, 2008
    Location: Munich, Germany

    ICM - Internationale Congress Center Munich
    Munich, 81823 Germany

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    Regular Price: See OOP 2008 Conference Program


    This CSM course takes place as part of the OOP 2208 conference.


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