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Karim Harbott
Karim Harbott
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28-29 November, 2017
Edinburgh, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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£995 + VAT
  • Anyone who wants to be successful using Scrum
  • Anyone involved in a Scrum Project across the full range of Scrum roles
  • Those newly setting out on their Agile journey
  • Those already using Agile or Scrum wishing to consolidate their knowledge or address questions that have arisen out of their experience

In terms of roles, the course is suitable for:

  • Agile Coaches
  • ScrumMasters
  • Team Leaders
  • Development Team Members (Analysts, Architects, Designers, Coders, Testers, etc)
  • Project Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Process Owners and Managers
  • Functional / Departmental Managers

Course Prerequisites

Prior to attending the course, students should familiarise themselves with key Scrum terms and definitions, as described in the official Scrum Guide. An online, as well as downloadable pdf version of the official Scrum Guide, is available as pre-reading. 

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Certified ScrumMaster 

Scrum in the real world

Ensuring success with Scrum can be a daunting prospect. You have understood the theoretical benefits of ‘going agile’, but how to implement this in the real world?

This two-day, highly interactive course investigates the Scrum framework in detail from theory and foundations to practical application and pitfalls, covering all the team roles, activities, and artifacts, so that you can be an effective ScrumMaster or member of a Scrum team.  The course incorporates the latest 'training from the back of the room' learning techniques and avoids death by PowerPoint! You can find the full agenda via the tab above.

What You Will Receive

  • Two 2 days of high quality training from an experienced Agile practitioner and Certified Scrum Trainer
  • Certified ScrumMaster Certification upon successful completion of the short online certification exam
  • 2 year membership of the Scrum Alliance with access to exclusive ScrumMaster material after Certification
  • For PMI PMPs, this course provides 14 Category B PDUs. This course also provides 14 Category B Scrum Alliance Education Units (SEUs) towards Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), PMP, PMI-ACP and other certifications. To learn more about CSP certification, please see here
  • Ongoing support via membership of the agil8 LinkedIn Community. 
  • Course materials (printed bound copy plus access to electronic versions and other materials)
  • Planning Poker® cards for use in team estimating 
  • Nourishment! A tasty buffet and refreshments available throughout the day

Your Trainer – Karim Harbott

Karim Harbott is an experienced enterprise Lean-Agile Coach, trainer and international speaker based in the UK. He has guided many large organisations through Agile transformations and helped them on their journey to continuous improvement in their product development capability. As a trained business and executive coach, Karim is well placed to build internal capabilities in an organisation; be it developing Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers or working at the C-level to help leaders make the changes necessary to enable large-scale collaboration and true business agility.

Karim is one of only a handful of people globally to hold both the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) and Certified Enterprise Coach® (CEC) status. He is also a Certified LeSS Trainer®, SAFe Program Consultant®, Accredited Kanban Trainer®, and ICF Professional Certified Coach®.

You can read about Karim in more detail here.

What Will You Learn?

The two-day Certified ScrumMaster course will give you a sound understanding of Scrum principles and practices in order that you can:

  • Participate actively as a Scrum Team member 
  • Function effectively as the ScrumMaster for the Scrum Team 
  • Deliver a successful Scrum project 
  • Explain and sell Agile and the Scrum framework to other key stakeholders 
  • Define and use the full range of Agile and Scrum Artifacts (Product Backlog, Burndown Charts etc.)
  • Set-up and facilitate the various Scrum Meetings 
  • Understand how to employ Scrum in real world circumstances such as distributed Scrum teams, fixed price contracts and third party supplier relationships 
  • Help your team or organisation to transition to a more Lean and Agile way of working using Scrum 
  • Understand how to combine the use of Scrum with other Lean and Agile approaches such as Kanban, eXtreme Programming and AgilePM
  • Book early and receive an Early Bird discount!
  • Reductions are also available for groups over 3 on public courses.
  • Agil8 offers additional discounts to the unemployed and charities - please enquire.

Customise your own In-house Certified ScrumMaster Course

For companies seeking in-house training without the need to travel, agil8 can adapt our standard Certified ScrumMaster course to suit your specific requirements and business needs. Contact us directly at or telephone +44 (0)207 796 9903 to discuss course content and discounted group rates.

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Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) and Professional Development Units (PDUs)

This course earns you 14 Category B SEUs within the Scrum Alliance towards Certified Scrum Professional (CSP). The course also earns you 14 PDUs (Category A) within the PMI. SEUs and PDUs can be used toward CSP, PMP, PMI-ACP and other certifications. To learn more about the CSP certification, please see here.

CSM Certification

The criteria for achieving Scrum Master Certification changed on 1st October 2009. All CSMs are now required to pass a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) multiple-choice, online certification test, as well as completing a Certified ScrumMaster course, in order to maintain certification. Successful certification gains 2 year membership of the Scrum Alliance, which includes access to exclusive ScrumMaster-only information and material.

Full details of the exam process at the end of the agil8 course can be found here.  Please also see the Scrum Alliance certification requirements.

The Scrum Alliance set out the core agenda of all Certified ScrumMaster courses and so ensure that courses cover all key aspects of the Scrum Framework. This is then expanded and enhanced by the individual training organisation. For in-house customised versions of the course, specific areas of interest can be accommodated.

In addition you will also gain a high level understanding of alternative and complementary Agile methods including Kanban, Lean, XP, DSDM and Agile Project Management and how they fit with Scrum.

Agil8 Certified ScrumMaster Course

The following topics will be covered during the course:

  • General Knowledge
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Empirical and Defined Processes
    • Scrum Process and Sprints
    • The Significance of 'Done'
    • The Five Scrum Values
    • Applicability of Scrum
  • Scrum Roles
    • Overview of Scrum Roles
    • ScrumMaster
    • Product Owner
    • The Team
    • Teamwork
    • Team Characteristics
    • Impact on Traditional Roles
  • Scrum Meetings
    • Sprint Planning Meeting
    • Daily Scrum Meeting      
    • Sprint Review Meeting
    • Sprint Retrospective Meeting
    • Release Planning Meeting
  • Scrum Artifacts
    • Product Backlog
    • Product Increment and the Definition of Done
    • Sprint Backlog
    • Burndown Chart
  • Scaling Scrum (NB not examined)
    • Working with Multiple Scrum Teams
    • Working with Distributed Scrum Teams

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Customise your own In-house Certified ScrumMaster Course

As our trainers have in-depth experience across the whole range of Agile methods, including Scrum, Lean, XP, Kanban and Agile Project Management/DSDM, bespoke training can include one or more Agile methods and cover how they may be combined.

For companies seeking in-house training without the need to travel, agil8 can adapt our standard Certified ScrumMaster course to suit your specific requirements and business needs. Contact us directly at or telephone +44 (0)207 796 9903 to discuss course content and discounted group rates.