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Zuzana Sochova
Zuzana Sochova
Zuzana Sochova
Nima Honarmandan


8-9 May, 2017
Toronto, ON, Canada
DoubleTree by Hilton (Downtown)
108 Chestnut Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1R3 Canada
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This course is for everyone who is currently working, cooperating with Scrum team or planning to implement Scrum in their organization:

  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Architects
  • Managers
  • Technical writers
  • Project Managers
  • Directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Any team members in your organization
  • Anyone interested in Scrum

CSM class @

CSM - Certified Scrum Master course is unique oportunity to look at the Scrum process from the ScrumMaster point of view. Past participants have enjoyed this highly interactive class.  The course provides participants with a hands-on experience using Scrum in an interactive form – the training is full of simulations, exercises, group discussions and games.  

We'll look at Scrum from the ScrumMaster point of view, covering several concepts on how to build and support great teams builidng on the #ScrumMasterWay and ScrumMaster State of Mind models.

CSM course @


At the end of the training attendees will have a working understnding of the fundamentals of Scrum and the Agile mindset.  Attendees will fully understand the Scrum process and principles and are expected to be able to better fulfill the role of  Scrum Master.

Training is facilitated by the author of popular book The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay.


After the course you will be elligable to take the Certified Scrum Master exam from the Scrum Alliance.  Upon successfully passing the exam applicants will earn the Scrum Alliance certification - Certified Scrum Master.   Attendees will have 90 days to pass the online CSM test. To get a passing score, you must correctly answer 24 of the 35 questions. 

Participants in the class can also claim 16 SEUs (Category B) within the Scrum Alliance and 16 PDUs within the PMI. SEUs and PDUs can be used toward CSP, PMP, PMI-ACP and other certifications.


Who should attend?

This course is for everyone who is currently working, supporting a Scrum team or planning to implement Scrum in their organization.  It's an awesome opportunity for current ScrumMasters to hone their skills and broaden thier abilities.  Scrum team coaches can get new ideas to improve team collaboration and overall oganizational effectiveness.



Attendees will be provided a course workbook and a copy of the class content that is generated during the session.  This is a unique learning experience that does not use traditional Power Point slides.  The class discussion is lead by the instructor, and the class content is generated during class. You can also download my Scrum handbook (pdf / epub / mobi) after the course .



“Good course, I appreciate a lot of visual explanations, practical examples from real projects, discussions and simulations. I learned many practical hints which can be applied back at my work. Thank you! “

  Tomas, Project Manager


“Thank you for wonderful workshop, I appreciated the practical exercises and examples. “

  J.K., ScrumMaster


 “Excellent! The trainer has deep knowledge of Scrum and Agile.”

  J.T., Director


“Very nice workshop. I especially appreciated practical experiences of the trainer.”

  A. R., SW Developer

CSM class @

During the 2 days workshop we are looking at Scrum from the ScrumMaster point of view. We go through all Scrum artefacts and celebrations, we look at role of Development team, Product Owner and ScrumMaster role, and we practice how to build a great team, #ScrumMasterWay concept, and ScrumMaster state of mind model.

CSM class @

  • Agile Manifesto and Agile practices
  • Scrum Basics
  • Scrum Meetings
  • Development Team role
  • Product Owner role
  • Scrum Master role
  • Self-organization and how to achieve it
  • Team theory
  • The #ScrumMasterWay concept
  • ScrumMaster State of mind model, 
  • Product Backlog and User Stories, Estimating and Planning
  • Definition of Done,
  • Definition of Ready
  • Scrum Adoption at your company
  • Best practices and recommendations how to apply

The class is practical, full of simulations and examples from real life.