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Certified Scrum Developer® Track

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    Date: 11-13 February, 2014
    Location: Austin, TX, United States of America

    Regular Price: $1750

    • This course fulfills the Technical skills requirement on the Certified Scrum Developer track.

    The course uses accelerated learning techniques, and is highly interactive, based on the 4C’s approach described in Sharon Bowman’s Training from the Back of the Room. As a result, the trainer(s) should be flexible in introducing the different training modules, depending on the experience of the teams and the progress of the development work during the sprints. The objective of the course is to coach the development teams on different aspects of agile engineering practices, ensuring that the core learning objectives are covered, and that participants are able to describe the theoretical principles of different agile engineering practices, as well as having practical development experience.

    The course duration is based on a single development sprint, consisting of four phases (a metaphor for a 1-week sprint, with a 1-day Sprint 0 and four days of development). Each phase of the sprint consists of two hours development, plus 15 minutes stand-up (more review than progress, intended to emerge learnings and impediments). There are four development phases and one initiation phase (sprint 0).

    Between each development phase, the trainer can introduce different aspects of common agile engineering practices, using the 4C’s outlined in Training from the Back of the Room and described in detailed in the 4C’s document provided with each training module. 

    With the ideal team, each module will be introduced in response to impediments and learnings emerging from each sprint. Therefore, emerging architecture follows Sprint 0, with collaboration, continuous integration, test automation, test-driven development and refactoring following during one of the following development phases. In practice, and especially with less experienced teams, the development phases will be shorter and more focussed on each specific training module as shown below.


    Finally, the course ends with a Sprint Review Meeting, followed by a 2-hour retrospective and course review, in which the course trainer performs a formal course retrospective and then reviews the progress of the development work and provides a forward-looking overview, pointing the teams toward resources and concepts for extending this introductory material.

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    All courses on the Certified Scrum Developer® track are taught by Registered Education Providers. For more information on the curriculum for the CSD credential, visit

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    Date: 11-13 February, 2014
    Location: Austin, TX, United States of America

    Whole Foods headquarters
    525 N Lamar Blvd
    Austin, TX 78703 United States of America
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    Regular Price: $1750


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