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Certified Scrum Developer® Track

8/25/2017 12:00:00 AM 8-UPerform 优普丰 人民广场 Shanghai China 31.2326194 121.4740903 9000 RMB


8-UPerform 优普丰

  • Course

    Date: 25-27 August, 2017
    Location: Shanghai, China

    Regular Price: 9000 RMB

    • This course fulfills the Technical skills requirement on the Certified Scrum Developer track.


    Zen of Code Craft


    • 秒加需求、秒改Bug
    • 心平气和地享受编程的乐趣
    • 测试居然比代码先完成
    • 不用鼠标也能编程
    • 软件设计随心而动



    本课程包含了国际认证”Certified Scrum Developer”敏捷开发者学习项目,通过体验式学习各种敏捷软件开发实践,帮助软件开发者和团队更有效地按迭代来开发高质量软件。期间包含专业的讲解、有趣的游戏,还会有大量动手练习。学员可以从教练们那里获得实时反馈和指导,以便将所学运用到工作中。同时,学员也将尝试以Scrum团队的形式共同完成一个完整的项目。

    学员将获得国际Scrum Alliance官方认证的”Certified Scrum Developer”证书。

    ** 学员需要另外参加2天的Scrum基础课程或CSM课程,方可符合Scrum Alliance的课时要求,并获得官方颁发的国际认证证书。

    This 3-day intensive course is aimed at helping software developers and teams to be more effective in creating working high quality software by sprints, whereas implementing the Scrum framework and other agile software development practices that are of the Scrum Alliance CSD program.


    In the 3 days, besides funny games, there will be a plenty of hands-on exercises with real-time feedback from coaches so as trainees can apply what learned back to daily work. Also, trainees will working on a full project in teams.


    Learning Objectives

    After this course, trainee should able to:

    • Understand the collaboration of a real Scrum team
    • Learn why and how of TDD and ATDD
    • Learn how to write good unit testing
    • Understand how to work in legacy code
    • Understand differences between software-testing concepts
    • Understand Continuous Integration
    • Learn how to refactor code to improve maintainability to adopt future changes



    All courses on the Certified Scrum Developer® track are taught by Registered Education Providers. For more information on the curriculum for the CSD credential, visit

  • Details

    Date: 25-27 August, 2017
    Location: Shanghai, China

    Shanghai, China

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    Regular Price: 9000 RMB

  • Agenda







    1. Scrum基础
    2. 真正的团队
    3. 用户故事拆分
    4. Scrum会议




    1. 什么是TDD
    2. TDD循环
    3. TDD模式
    4. 演示与练习




    1. 软件测试
    2. 4阶段模式
    3. 测试框架
    4. FIRST原则
    5. 测试坏味道
    6. 成本与收益
    7. 演示与练习




    1. 代码坏味道
    2. 重构时机
    3. 重构手法
    4. 整洁代码
    5. 演示与练习




    1. 什么是设计
    2. 领域驱动设计
    3. 设计建模
    4. 演示与练习




    1. 简单设计
    2. SOLID原则
    3. 重构与设计模式
    4. 函数式编程(python)



    Stub & Mock

    1. 关于依赖
    2. 如何破解依赖
    3. 探索Stub
    4. 探索Mock
    5. Mocking框架
    6. 演示与练习




    1. 原则
    2. 接缝
    3. 演示与练习




    1. 持续集成
    2. 结对编程
    3. 实例化需求ATDD
    4. RobotFramework


  • Who Should Attend

    Developer, Architechture, Scrum Master, Tech Lead




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