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Certified Scrum Developer® Track
4/4/2014 12:00:00 AM GRUPO ESFERA Grupo Esfera Av. Rivadavia 2134 Capital Federal, Buenos Aires Argentina -34.6095311 -58.3967152 990 + IVA



  • Course

    Date: 4 April, 2014
    Location: Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Regular Price: $990 + IVA

    • This course fulfills the Scrum elective requirement on the Certified Scrum Developer track.

    Develop in participants a deep practical understanding of software architecture concerns from an agile perspective, through practical experience and discussions, supported by lecture introductions.

    The course focuses on architecture issues and practices, including quality attributes, architecture patterns and tactics, collaborative design practices and testing of quality attributes.

    All courses on the Certified Scrum Developer® track are taught by Registered Education Providers. For more information on the curriculum for the CSD credential, visit

  • Details

    Date: 4 April, 2014
    Location: Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Grupo Esfera
    Av. Rivadavia 2134
    Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    Regular Price: $990 + IVA

  • Agenda


    Module I

    • Software Architecture in the Agile Lifecycle
    • • What is Software Architecture
    • • A shared language
    • • Design and Architecture
    • • Software Architecture
    • • Software Architecture in the Agile Lifecycle

    Module II

    • Quality Attributes and Design Restrictions
    • • The Role of Restrictions in Design
    • • Types of Restrictions
    • • The Impact of Restrictions
    • • Quality Attributes
    • • Describing the system in terms of quality attributes
    • • Interrelationships between quality attributes
    • • From quality attributes to design decisions

    Module III

    • Emergent Quality Attribute Driven Architecture Design
    • • Quality Attribute Driven design
    • • Architecture Tactics and Design Patterns
    • • Architecture Patterns
    • • Architecture Structures
    • • Emergent architecture design methods

    Module IV

    • Design Principles and Practices
    • • A good designer
    • • Software Design and the Organization
    • • Software Design Best Practices
    • • Software Design Criteria
    • • Software Design Rules
    • • Software Design Principles

    Module V

    • Quality Attribute Evaluation
    • • Quality Attribute Evaluation Kata
    • • Validating Scalability
  • Who Should Attend

    Developers and other technical staff related to development teams, including developers, testers, analysts, quality assurance and improvement analysts, architects, technology administrators, development and project managers.


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