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Agile Principles and Mindset
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    Date: 1 January, 0001

    Regular Price: 39 USD

    Agile Principles and Mindset

    With growing volatility in business environment organization , software development process has to be responsive enough to ensure that it enables the business agility rather than becoming a bottleneck. The fast adaption of agile based processes shows that software development groups are responding to the need of business.

    This program not only introduces the agile development but also provide detailed insight to what is agile , when to use it ,how to use it and how things changes when we move to agile.

    This program answers

    1. Why Agile?

    2. What is agile?

    3. When to use agile?

    4. How to use agile?

    5. Who does what in agile?

    This program gives you oppurtunity to earn 4 SEUs for CSP under Category B and 4 PDUs under Category A.

    Happy Learning!

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    Anyone exploring agile


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