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Advanced Scrum: Requirements Management and Quality Assurance
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    Many teams adopting Scrum struggle with how to manage requirements and integrate their quality assurance efforts into their Agile processes. Advanced Scrum LiveLessons provides a deep dive into both of these areas, exploring how to apply the values and principles of Agile and Scrum to avoid common pitfalls.
    In these LiveLessons, Tommy Norman provides guidance to viewers on the value of adopting a more Agile approach and practical methods to get them started. In Part I, Tommy covers gathering and writing good user stories, managing stories in the Product Backlog, when to gather more detail, using tests as self-validating requirements, and collecting content for documentation organically during your Sprints. In Part II, Tommy covers integrating quality elements into your user stories, planning for testing in each Sprint, evolving test cases alongside development, balancing manual and automated testing techniques, and handling regression testing and production support.

    Skill Level
    •Intermediate / Advanced

    What You Will Learn
    •Agile values and principles concerning requirements management 
    •How to craft good user stories and when to get more detail 
    •Agile values and principles concerning quality assurance 
    •How to incorporate good quality practices into your Sprints 
    •Integrating test cases as part of your requirements management approach

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    Date: 1 January, 0001


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