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Agile Release Planning Workshop

Joe Little
Joe Little
Joseph Little


14 December, 2017
Charlotte, NC, United States of America
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Charlotte-Southpark
6300 Morrison Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28211 United States of America
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US $450 per person

This workshop has been taken by everyone connected to a Scrum Team. The future ScrumMaster, Product Owner, team members, managers and other stakeholders should attend. 

The CEO, COO and CFO of a small company have attended and all were convinced it benefited the company. 

We recommend that a whole Team(s) (and related stakeholders) do the workshop at one time. This is very valuable. 

This workshop is unique. There is hardly a thing in the workshop that Jeff Sutherland or others do not recommend, yet the combination is unique. 

Normally the workshop is given as the third day after a CSM course or a CSPO course, but you may attend this workshop only.  

Purpose: We want you to have significantly better results from Scrum, in terms of more fun, more Velocity (productivity) and more Business Value. We use many ideas to help you make this significant paradigm shift.  

In this case, after giving some introductory ideas, we have each table (usually four to five people) work as a Team on the real work of the Product Owner (one person at the table chosen to be PO). That person acts as Product Owner for the day, and the Team builds out the Agile Release Plan for the next six months of that work. So, we are using the Agile ideas on real work, and each table is different.  

Joe Little will lead this course. Joe is an experienced Agile coach and Scrum trainer. He has co-taught eight times with Jeff Sutherland. He is a CST and has an MBA. (The MBA is fairly unique among trainers.) 

This workshop covers Agile Release Planning, Release Plan Refactoring (a.k.a. Product Backlog grooming or Product Backlog refinement) and the shift from initial planning into starting the first Sprint.  

Participants Will Learn: 

  • To plan, initiate and lead a Scrum project 
  • To establish a shared vision for the entire team 
  • To generate an Agile Release Plan utilizing user stories and story point estimation 
  • To identify and address Business Value 
  • To estimate effort using story points 
  • To do cost-benefit analysis at the story level 
  • To consider Risks, Dependencies, Learning, MMFS and other factors to adjust the release plan 
  • To draw the line (determine which features will be in the release)  
  • To estimate the Team’s Velocity 
  • To create the communication plan  
  • To develop and act on the ‘fix it list’ 
  • To consider the other factors 
  • To identify, engage and involve Business Stakeholders in your project 
  • How to take most existing teams to the next level 
  • Practical suggestions purchased expensively from the school of hard knocks 
  • To lead your Scrum Team through Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, Sprint Review and Retrospective sessions 

In this way, we help you move from the initial plan, into doing the first Sprint, and the first Sprint includes Release Plan Refactoring every Sprint.   

Since Joe has a business background and an MBA, we believe this makes the workshop more effective for the Product Owners and more directed toward the key business issues. We want you to have a full business success, not a mere technical success. 

Additional Information: 

  • The workshop will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  
  • A continental breakfast, breaks and lunch will be provided. 
  • Following successful completion of the workshop, the participant will earn 7 PDUs and 7 SEUs.  

Course Material: 

After the workshop, participants will receive a free copy of Joe Little’s book on Agile Release Planning.  

You will receive the best pricing if you take this workshop with a CSM or CSPO course. 

There is an early bird discount of $25. (The early bird rate can end at any time.) 

If you have any questions, please click ‘more information’ or contact our office at 704-376-8881. 

In-House Courses/Workshops: If you think you need an in-house course or workshop, please contact us. We do these frequently. 

  • Overview of Agile Release Planning 
  • Discussion of Release Plan Refactoring 
  • Why ARP as a Team is better 
  • Doing Agile Release Planning 
  • Vision 
  • Product Backlog 
  • Business Value 
  • Effort 
  • Risks, Dependencies, Learning, MMFS, other 
  • Drawing the line (scope and date) 
  • Team Velocity 
  • Budget (briefly) 
  • Communications ‘plan’ 
  • Fix It Plan 
  • Other 
  • Rolling into the first Sprint 
  • Discussion of Release Plan Refactoring 

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