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Complete Agile Training
7/10/2013 12:00:00 AM Intertech Intertech 1575 Thomas Center Dr. Eagan MN 55122 United States of America 44.792019 -93.1814969 1695




  • Course

    Date: 10-12 July, 2013
    Location: Eagan, MN, United States of America

    Regular Price: 1695


    Day 1 - Introduction and Overview
    The first day will be a fun, interactive introduction to Agile terminology, concepts, and principles. The participants will be split into teams in which they will complete the remainder of the class. The objective for day 1 is to keep it simple and easy for the participants to learn pragmatic Agile approaches and techniques. The participates will be introduced to an Agile task management tool (VersionOne) which will help facilitate their learning through the remainder of the course.

    Day 2 - Hands On
    The objective this day is to immerse the team into a series of scenarios which will lead them to that “aha” moment of Agile enlightenment. The teams face a series of real-world situations, which will prepare them for the challenges they may encounter when they take their Agile knowledge back to their own team.

    Day 3 - Team competition
    The final day is filled with a friendly competition where the teams get a chance to develop a real product! Criteria, epic stories, roles and easy-to-use “non-techie” tools are provided. The teams will use their new Agile knowledge-base to prioritize, work together and deliver. Teams will have multiple iterations to complete the project with the guidance of their Agile Coach (Trainer) in this fun filled day. Projects are judged at the end of the day on how well the teams implemented the techniques learn, creativity and deliverables completed. Prizes are awarded!

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  • Details

    Date: 10-12 July, 2013
    Location: Eagan, MN, United States of America

    1575 Thomas Center Dr.
    Eagan, MN 55122 United States of America

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    Regular Price: 1695

  • Agenda


    • History and evolution
    • Business case for Agile
    • Agile Methodologies and when to use
    • Agile Intangibles
    • Agile Team and Roles
    • Planning Workflow
    • Personas
    • Chartering
    • Product Backlog
      • Story Mapping
      • User Stories
      • Technical vs. Functional Stories
      • Acceptance Criteria
      • Effective Story Writing
      • EPIC story breakdown
    • Prioritizing and negotiating the Product Backlog
    • Story Estimating
      • What are story points vs. actual estimates?
      • Estimating techniques
    • Release Planning
      • What is Release Planning?
      • Utilizing velocity
      • Sprint 0
      • Pre-Release Sprint
    • Iteration/Sprint Planning
      • Cadence
      • Capacity Planning
      • Tasking
      • Defining "done"
    • Daily Rigor
      • Stand-ups
      • Task boards
      • Tracking progress (burn-down charts and more)
    • Closing out the Iteration/Sprint
      • Retrospectives
      • “Lean” techniques for improvement
      • Demos


    • Story mapping – this is a new cutting edge technique for Agile teams to roadmap, provide clarity and drive the backlog
    • EPIC breakdown - Large “bullet” point requirements are provided for the Team to break down into stories
    • Prioritization exercise to ensure the Team is focusing on “minimum” market features in a timely manner
    • Estimating exercises from “rock-paper-scissors” to “planning poker”
    • Teams will do a dry run of release and iteration planning
    • The Team will practice several stand-up and retrospective techniques
    • Additional team exercises are sprinkled throughout the course

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  • Who Should Attend

    Project Managers, Team members (developers, testers, BAs, DBAs, etc.), business users and Product Owners are all invited to learn the core skills they will need to be on an Agile team.


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