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ScrumMaster Bonus Pack: Estimating & Planning and ScrumMaster Secrets to Success
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    Date: 11 September, 2013
    Location: San Diego, CA, United States of America

    Regular Price: $500

    Looking for more than just the basic Certified ScrumMaster training?  Now that you are the ScrumMaster, do you need some practical tools and tricks to apply right now?  These two half-day classes provide exactly what ScrumMasters from all over the world tell us they need to kick start their Teams - how to do estimating and planning and what are the secrets to being a successful ScrumMaster.


    These dynamic, engaging and interactive half-day workshops by Carlton Nettleton, Certified Scrum Trainer® and experienced consultant, will teach you the tools he uses as a consultant and ScrumMaster.  Each half-day course has a specific focus and they are designed to be modular - you can take or the other or even attend both!


    Most importantly, this classes will be fun, as there will be absolutely NO PowerPoint during these classes.



    When Will It Be Done? Estimating & Planning for Scrum Teams

    “How much is it going to cost?  What will I get?  And when will it be done?”  These three common questions are familiar to any software team.  While Scrum and Agile teams operate a bit differently than teams managed with a traditional, phase-gate approach (aka waterfall), they still need to offer up a coherent and defensible answer to these basic inquiries from the business.


    In this course, Carlton will share with you the latest planning and estimating techniques used by his most successful Scrum teams across the globe.  During the workshop you will utilize the real-life practices you can apply immediately to collect accurate estimates, construct robust plans and set appropriate expectations with your stakeholders around cost, scope and date.  After this workshop, you and your teams will be able to accurately answer “When will it be done?” with confidence and conviction.


    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify the difference between an estimate, a target and a commitment.
    • Describe the major influences on a estimate and how errors enter an estimate.
    • Differentiate between situations when counting, computing or relying on expert judgement is the best path to an accurate estimate.
    • Practice two estimation techniques common for Scrum Teams - proxy-based estimation using story points and expert judgement in groups using Planning Poker.

    What will you receive:

    • A detailed, 35-page student workbook full of custom exercises, activities and course summaries that capture the essential points you need to learn and comprehend to become a better estimator.
    • A checklist of common functional and functional requirements commonly omitted by software teams as well as a checklist of common engineering tasks overlooked by developers.
    • At least five new ideas and techniques about estimation that you can apply the moment you return to work.
    • A reading list of great books to jump start your continuing education on estimation, planning, Scrum and Lean Thinking.


    ScrumMaster Plus: The Secret Skills to Success


    Do you feel like there should be more to Scrum than a bunch of meetings, backlogs and burndown charts?  Are your Teams backsliding to old, familiar patterns of behavior?  Does it feel like Scrum is more-and-more about the process, and less-and-less about the people?


    If these symptoms describe you, your Team or your organization, what you need is a skilled ScrumMaster versed in the artistry of high-performing teams.  There is a better way to do Scrum – a way of working that is not so painful, dry and boring and much more fun, creative and inspiring.  By learning and practicing the secret skills of successful ScrumMasters, you can achieve better outcomes for your Team, customers and organization. 


    During this half-day course, Carlton will share the secret skills necessary to enable and sustain change.  By way of practical, hands-on exercises and activities you will learn the skills and tools, used by an accomplished Agile and Scrum consultant, to build great teams and produce astonishing results.  By the end of this class, you will be equipped with new abilities to set you on the path to become an expert communicator, change agent, facilitator, visionary, and Servant Leader.


    Learning Objectives:

    •  Name the seven pillars of Servant Leadership.
    •  Describe dialogue and how to recognize a crucial conversation.
    •  Practice crucial conversations skills and other techniques to remain in dialogue.
    • Explain the dynamics of group decision-making and the Groan Zone.
    • Identify fifteen facilitative listening skills employed by a ScrumMaster.

    What will you receive:

    • A vivid student workbook full of custom exercises, activities, and course summaries that capture the essential points you need to learn and comprehend.
    • A series of practical and useful tools and techniques that you can apply once you return to your Team and provide immediate improvements.
    • A reading list of great books to jump-start your continuing education on the topics discussed in the course.


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    Date: 11 September, 2013
    Location: San Diego, CA, United States of America

    1936 Quivira Way
    Coral Room
    San Diego, CA 92109 United States of America

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    Regular Price: $500


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