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Agile Product Planning Training
1/23/2015 12:00:00 AM Pichler Consulting Limited 15Hatfields 15 Hatfields London SE1 8DJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 51.5067811 -0.107101 £700 plus VAT


Pichler Consulting Limited


  • Course

    Date: 23 January, 2015
    Location: London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Regular Price: £700 plus VAT

    This course teaches you how to create an effective agile product strategy and a compelling agile product roadmap. Product strategy and product roadmap are important tools for product managers and product owners: The strategy explains who the product is for, why it benefits its customers and users, what makes the product stand out, and how it creates value for your company. The roadmap forecasts how the product is likely to grow and it describes when which benefits and features are likely to be available.

    The training is ideal for product owners who want to learn more about the strategic work that precedes and complements Scrum and for product managers who would like to understand how a product strategy and roadmap are best created in an agile context.

    If you would like to have this course delivered onsite or as a webinar, then please contact us.

    “Roman’s course was the most valuable professional training I have participated in for quite a while. Very insightful, practical, thought provoking, and relevant to becoming an effective product owner,” says Wolfgang Hilpert, Senior VP and Head of Product Management at SAP AG.


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    Date: 23 January, 2015
    Location: London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    15 Hatfields
    London, SE1 8DJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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    Regular Price: £700 plus VAT


    The course starts at 9 am and finishes at 5.00 pm.


    The training course is taught as an instructor-led workshop with an appropriate mix of lecture, discussion, hands-on exercises, and no PowerPoint slides. The training materials are developed by Roman and are exclusively used by him. The training blends Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, and Scrum concepts with Roman's techniques and tools.



    The participants should have a working knowledge of product management and an agile method such as Scrum or Kanban. You will find Roman’s Agile Product Management book and his blog posts on product strategy and product roadmaps great preparation for this training course.

  • Agenda


    • Agile vs. traditional product planning
    • The three planning levels and the three innovation drivers
    • Strategic product planning and the role of the product manager/owner

    Vision and Product Strategy

    • Creating a inspiring vision that galvanises everyone
    • The elements of an effective product strategy
    • Capturing the vision and the strategy with the Product Vision Board
    • Understanding how the product lifecycle influences the strategy
    • Using the Strategy Canvas and the ERRC grid to differentiate your product
    • Product strategy and business model: The Extended Vision Board and the Business Model Canvas
    • Validating the product strategy and generating new insights with Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
    • Pivot vs. persevere: Changing vs. refining the product strategy
    • Planning and managing the product strategy work

    Agile Product Roadmaps

    • Benefits, common mistakes of product roadmaps; agile roadmapping challenges
    • Creating an agile product roadmap using the GO roadmap format
    • Understanding the relationship between the product roadmap and the product lifecycle
    • Techniques for creating an effective agile roadmap including the Minimal Marketable Product (MMP), steady innovation cadence, and roadmap feasibility
    • Establishing the right relationship between the product roadmap, the product strategy, and the product backlog
    • Updating the product roadmap: Small, incremental vs. big, disruptive changes; collaborative roadmapping workshops
    • Product roadmap ownership
  • Who Should Attend

    Product managers
    Product owners
    UX designers
    Product marketers
    Creative directors
    Business analysts
    Decision makers


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