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Scrum for Managers
9/12/2013 12:00:00 AM Saat Network GmbH Schulungsraum 'Zürich-West' Hardturmstrasse 181 Zürich Schweiz 8005 Switzerland 47.393478 8.5105179 CHF 950


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  • Course

    Date: 12 September, 2013
    Location: Zürich, Schweiz, Switzerland

    Regular Price: CHF 950

    Learn the biggest secret in management today!

    "In the 21st Century, there will be two kinds of company. Those who delight their customers and those who do not. The former will prosper and thrive, the latter will be challenged to survive."

    -- Steve Denning, author of The Leaders Guide to Radical Managment

    Just over a decade ago, a set of major management breakthroughs occurred. These breakthroughs enabled software development teams to achieve both disciplined execution and continuous innovation, something that was hitherto impossible to accomplish with traditional management methods.

    Over the last decade, these management practices, including Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean and others, have been field-tested and proven in thousands of organizations around the world. Radical Management℠ distills, builds on and extends these principles, practices and values so that the entire organization can now achieve to apply the magic combination of disciplined execution and continuous innovation.

    This workshop introduces Radical Management in a Scrum Context to teach you how to adopt and apply these practices in your organization. As a manager, you will understand your role in a Scrum organization, and as a leader or visionary, you will understand where to take your organization, why your organization must change, and how to lead change from anywhere in the organization.

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    Date: 12 September, 2013
    Location: Zürich, Schweiz, Switzerland

    Schulungsraum 'Zürich-West'
    Hardturmstrasse 181
    Zürich, Schweiz 8005 Switzerland

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    Regular Price: CHF 950

  • Agenda

    Radical Management extends Scrum to the entire organization so the organization can thrive in the 21st century.

    In this workshop, you go beyond Scrum to learn essential principles and practices for competing successfully in the 21st century marketplace. Disruptive Innovation. Delighting The Customer. Principle and practices to take your organization into the 21st century!


    • Five Principles of Radical Management
    • The Prime Directive: Delight the Customer!
    • Role of the Manager: from Controller to Enabler
    • Catalyzing change: Leadership Storytelling
    • Hands-on experience doing Scrum and Radical Management

    You get an intense, personal training with much opportunity to work with the trainer and in small groups. This course is usually held in German but will be held English if there is no consensus among the participants for German or French.


  • Who Should Attend

    Offering a career-changing experience for anyone dissatisfied with the rigidities of traditional management, this leadership course is for:

    • Agile leaders and coaches wanting to convert the entire organization to Agile
    • Business leaders needing to understand Agile management or achieve continuous innovation
    • Public sector leaders seeking the agility to “do more for less”
    • Entrepreneurs wanting to grow their startups without losing agility


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