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Mastering ScrumMastering
6/17/2009 12:00:00 AM AgileEvolution, Inc. World Trade Center Stockholm 1 Kungbron Stockholm Sweden 59.333027 18.0544032 3500 SEK


AgileEvolution, Inc.


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    Date: 17 June, 2009
    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Regular Price: 3500 SEK

    Are you a new ScrumMaster? Or a project leader trying to learn new tricks? 

    Taking on a ScrumMaster role is no easy task. From facilitating, to coaching, to leading to working with the rest of the organization, the responsibilities of the ScrumMaster are endless. Experience taking a deep dive into the essential skills of a ScrumMaster. While a Certified ScrumMaster course teaches you the basic Scrum principles and practices, this course takes an in-depth look at the psychology of creating effective teams and effectively managing change.

    This course is taught by expert Scrum Trainers who are also practitioners. This means that you get real-world war stories, tips and tricks. Learn from our mistakes and get a shortcut to success!

    About the Instructors

    Stacia Broderick has worked as a project manager for 14 years, the last seven in software development. Realizing that the traditional approach was missing something, Broderick was fortunate enough to be cast in the role of ScrumMaster in 2003, and ever since has helped teams all over the world embrace the principles of and transition to agile. Stacia founded her company, AgileEvolution, Inc., based on the belief that agile practices present a humane, logical way for teams and companies to deliver products. She is a Certified ScrumTrainer and Practitioner, as well as a PMP, a mix that proves helpful when assisting organizations transitioning from traditonal to modern practices. Stacia co-authored "The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility" with Michele Sliger; it is available from Addison Wesley. 

    Maria Thelin, of Jaybis Consulting, has been involved in software development for the past 11 years. Maria has been a developer, a systems architect, a project manager and even a CTO and brings a wealth of information and experiences from her many different perspectives. She has been influenced by agile practices since 2002, and enjoys mentoring organizations in the transition to value-driven project methods, including Lean, Scrum and XP. She is quite the athlete and participates in dozens of events every year including orienteering and cross-country skiing and also enjoys cooking and interior design.  


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    Date: 17 June, 2009
    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    World Trade Center Stockholm
    1 Kungbron
    Stockholm, Sweden

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    Regular Price: 3500 SEK

  • Agenda


    • Create effective purpose statements and agendas to get the most out of scrum meetings, including tips for distributed teams

    • Utilize creative techniques to inspire and motivate your teams

    • Create games and analogies for learning

    • Assist in team conflict resolution and negotiating techniques

    • Say ‘no’

    • Use persuasion to your advantage

    • Make work visible in a format tailored to your organization’s needs; understand and utilize the proper metrics

    • Create a fun, inspiring workplace for your teams

    • Utilize Scrum for your own reflection and improvement

    • Design your own educational materials for others in your organization


  • Who Should Attend

    Any Certified ScrumMaster, or anyone who is interested in honing their project leadership skills!


    All participants will receive the Mastering ScrumMastering toolkit as well as a take-home workbook.



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