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Agile Coaching

Vineet Patni
Vineet Patni
Scale Up Private Limited
Vineet Patni


25-27 May, 2018
Mumbai, India
Practice Agile Solution
1902 Lodha Supremus - Powai, Opp MTNL office, Saki Vihar Road, Tunga Village
Chandivali, Powai
Mumbai, 400072 India
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Call Dipti @ +91 9850994515
  • Practicing or Aspiring Agile Coaches
  • Scrum Masters or Product Owners
  • Agile Project Managers and Team Leaders
  • Agile Change Agents
  • Agile Leaders working with teams

The Agile Coaching Workshop is a 3-days face-to-face training program with the primary objective to make learners efficient in coaching agile teams. It helps the participants understand and develop the essential professional coaching skills, appreciate the differences between the various aspects of Agile Coaching like teaching, facilitating, mentoring and coaching, and develop the right Agile Coaching Mindset. Special focus is on the core professional coaching skills like self-awareness, response-ability, servant leadership, active listening, powerful questioning and managing team dysfunctions.

The participants of this workshop will learn various tools and techniques to efficiently coach their agile team, thereby build high performance agile teams. This course addresses the complex environments in which the Agile teams and Scrum Masters/ Agile Coaches work.

This workshop is designed and delivered by the experts who have “been there and done that”. It is a highly intensive program with a mix of explanation, discussions, exercises, and role plays. In addition, relevant videos will be shown to learners for reinforcement of concepts.

Unique Benefits of Attending Our Course

  • Learn from real experts who have extensive agile coaching experience and have burnt their fingers in leading agile teams and agile transformations
  • Personal touch: We develop a close bond and maintain close relationship with our participants even after the workshops
  • Get 3 one-on-one coaching sessions (max. 30 minutes) with practicing agile coaches within 3 months of workshop completion on mutually agreed schedule.
  • Complimentary passes to our agile training workshops for refreshing your existing knowledge (for eligible candidates)
  • Free access to our Agile Book library and Book Club Sessions. (currently exclusive for Pune location only)
  • Use our community platform to facilitate workshops and become better at teaching agile
  • Get an opportunity to train/ coach/ mentor in our agile meetup and workshops (for eligible candidates)
  • Agile Career Counselling and referrals for relevant career opportunities
  • And of course, You get the 24 SEUs
  • Agile Coaching mindset, role and responsibilities
  • The Coaching Stance
  • Agile Coaching boundaries, agile coaching alliance
  • Agile Coaching models, tools and techniques to effectively carry out this role
  • Agile Coach as Professional Agile Coach
  • Agile Coach as Teacher
  • Agile Coach as Mentor
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Coaching Leadership Teams
  • Agile Coaching Career Path