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Agile Coaching and Leadership
12/10/2013 12:00:00 AM Reaktor TBD TBD Helsinki TBD Finland 60.1733244 24.9410248 1600€



  • Course

    Date: 10-11 December, 2013
    Location: Helsinki, Finland

    Regular Price: 1600€

    Leadership in agile environments is founded on a diverse set of skills including listening, teaching, facilitating, coaching, as well as enabling people and teams to collaborate, communicate, share responsibility and become empowered.

    Teams do not magically become self-organizing and high-performing. Leadership has a significant impact on the teams growth and capabilities. A good coach and facilitator can help the teams find their way and take responsibility - help them become a real, high-performing team.

    This 2-day course explores the skills and techniques that people, whether they are Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Managers or Team members, can use to lead oneself and others on the road to high performance.

    The course will be held in English.


    Here's what previous participants have been saying:

    • "Excellent training. I learned a lot about coaching and leadership tools and techniques" - Niko K. (Senior Software Developer)
    • "The training was very useful for work and also for daily life" - Mari L.
    • "I recommend this training for everyone who is "leading" people, scrum masters, project managers, team managers, higher managers, product owners, etc..." - Johanna H. 
    • "You have insight on what coaching means and you get some practical tools how you can implement those at your work place." - Niko H. (Scrum Master)
    • "Excellent, thought-provoking!" - Antti N. (Delivery Mentor)
    • "Gives your thinking an energy boost." - Juha P. (Test Manager)
    • "Course where you can start learning how human mind works. You learn how you can get people to think. Really good real life examples." - Mika K. (Project Manager)
    • "Deep stuff. Thought provoking." - Juha L. (Project Manager)


  • Details

    Date: 10-11 December, 2013
    Location: Helsinki, Finland

    Helsinki, TBD Finland
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    Regular Price: 1600€

  • Agenda

    The course covers the following topics:

    • How to build a team
    • How does self-organizing team work and how is it lead
    • Taking responsibility
    • The roles and differences of coach, trainer and facilitator
    • How to make observations
    • How to ask effective questions
    • How to give feedback
    • Facilitating

    The course includes plenty of practical exercises. Participants will be provided with techniques and tools they can apply in their daily work.


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