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Zhuo Chen



Certified ScrumMaster


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Scrum Beijing User Group


Vincent Zhuo Chen is a new recruited Scrum Master, who is discovering the path of company productivity improving.

Vincent started to learn computer when he was 10 years old, with an old IBM laptop. Begin with PC-DOS, he self-learned a lot of stuffs, including Web developing, C++, Java, .NET Framework, Flash, Silverlight, XNA, etc. He is focused on project management nowadays, and is currently leading a 12 people team.

Vincent is a guy with great passion for life. He was born in an art family, which leads him to be a artist-like person. From his interests you may find out that he is kinda different from most "technology guys". What he loves includes painting, music, musical instrument, movie, photography, literature, motor racing, and something he cannot list now.:)


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