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Yuval Yeret


Agile Coach, Agilesparks

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Yuval is in the IS/IT and Software Engineering world since 1994. He held several succeedingly senior positions in R&D organizations. An agile spirit before he knew about agile, he practicesd agile-style leadership for the significant part of those years. In recent years he transformed  his R&D department into an agile organization, better able to cope with the challenges of developing and productizing a networked storage embedded product.


Yuval is a practicing Certified Scrum Master since 2007 (holding CSP), and in addition to being a CSPO has also served as Product Owner in numerous real life situations. 


He's fond of system-level thinking and root cause analysis at the Process, Technical and Organizational level, leading unsurprisingly to great enthusiasm for the Agile world, Lean Software Development, and always looking for  the real pains and the best approach to address them.


Yuval is currently part of the Agilesparks coaching team -  one of the 1st tier agile/scrum consultancy groups in Israel.

His areas of interest are Enterprise-scale agility, Retrospectives,  Agile Architecture, and agile outside its own comfort zone...


You can also find yuval on Linkedin and twitter (@yuvalyeret)


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