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Yu Wang


Coach,Trainer, UPerform

Location: China


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Wang Yu(I want everyone call me same as Chinese people)

I would like split this into two parts since this target readers most are Agilists.

For Agile people:

Wang Yu is currently an agile coach and trainer. Since 2001 when he first saw a page talking about XP & Agile He believe that make more people transformed to Agile will hugely impact the world. He is also a ISTQB tester and Management 3.0 facilitator.  He is willing to help everyone to transform to this pleasant way of working. He is enjoying this journey and eager to share the happiness to you.   

For non-Agile people:

Wang Yu (CSM,CSPO,CSP, ISTQB, Management 3.0 facilitator), with over 15 years of IT experience. Many large-scale systems, mobile projects and several QuickStarts experience in his past employer, ThoughtWorks, gave him confidence to take more challenges in the future project. Before joining ThoughtWorks, he worked as assistant manager, architect, SPEG group member and tech-lead in Information Center of a large state-owned company. In his spare time he also participated in lots of community activities, for instance, translating part of Hibernate3 Reference, giving lectures to local software party. He is also an active contributor in Tianjin software party. Wang Yu is experienced with both Scrum and XP (Extreme Programming). His coaching/Training client includes Nokia Mobile,Cisco,Pingan and a few other companies in China.

Work experience

UPerform, Coach
April 2012 - Present, , ShangHai, China
He met Bill Li who founder of UPerform was in a local agile conference. Bill asked him if he can do co-train or coaching with him. He think he is OK since he do not have any job at that time. Lots of internal Scrum training (PingAn IT dept, Symantec , Shenzheng Stock exchange IT dept...) and few CSM courses which Vernon Stinebaker delivered give him more clear picture of how Scrum is. He is very happy to learn a lot from Bill, Vernon and even students. He feel lots of gaps were filled by the training sessions. Also it is great that he has the chance to be an Agile Coach in Nokia to bring in a proper Scrum. He is still enjoying the time in Nokia. It is also great that he met Lyssa Adkin and Michael Spayd in Shanghai. As a class assistant he attended two courses for 4 days. During they course he has a strong feeling that Agile Coach is his future direction. Can we call his working experience an Agile Journey?

ThoughtWorks, Consultant
July 2007 - July 2011, , Beijing, China
A lot of projects and lots of programming languages. ThoughtWorks is combining Scrum with XP into daily development. But in general removed most Scrum-liked names. Using Stand-up instead of Daily Scrum; Using Showcase instead of Review Meeting; Using Iteration Kick-off instead of Plan meeting; Using BA proxy the requirement instead of PO; Using Smallest Story instead of Backlog. Using Team Lead + Iteration Manager + empowered team instead of Scrum Master; Using Iteration instead of Sprint. Overall experience is Great at ThoughtWorks. Many friends he still have connection with them. Yes, feeling not that bad.

COSCO Bulk Tianjin Info center, Assistant Manager
July 1997 - June 2007, , Tianjin, China
Actually he was a mainframe maintainer when join Cosco. He was also charge of network setup and system level help desk at that time. After year 2000 he was be able touch the software development. And he like it very much. Year 2001 He was shocked by one page introduction of XP in 'Programmer' Chinese magazine. This page still sleep in his folder. After lots of reading and practice my competence was far beyond a developer regarding the employees in company. So He became assistant manager charging technical things later on. It should started from 2004. He want to transform my department to an agile way because he believe that Agile is the future. But he failed. He feel like a ton of string tight him strongly. But he still have the believe of Agile. He decide quit for his believe. new journey coming to him: ThoughtWorks


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