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Xiaoqun Gu



Certified ScrumMaster


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9 years IT specialized background on software project development and management (Got Access Leading Self certificated and SCRUM Master certificated), team leadership and management, and English communication skills. Be familiar with a lot of software development skills, especially C/C++ with corresponding frameworks and libs. Be good at analysis, design, development and optimization for Distributed System, especially Cloud Compute. Creator of SCS(Simulate Cell System).

Infrastructure Architecture, Project and Risk Management, Resource/People Driven, Distributed System/Cloud Compute/SCS(Simulate Cell System), Telecom/2G~3G, C/C++/MFC/ATL/COM/ActiveX/ACE, DirectShow, Java/Spring/Hibernate/EJB3/Lucene, VB, WebService, ASP/PHP/Javascript/HTML/CSS, MySQL/MS SQL Server, Linux/Win32 SDK, VoIP/Asterisk/AGI/SIP/IAX2, XML/XST/DTD, Agile/XP/SCRUM, Communication skills

Work experience

Dextrys, Project Manager
February 2010 - Present, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Manage and train teams. Create Avid ODC SIG (Special Interest Group). Create Avid ODC C++ Training Group.

ValueLinker, co-Founder and CTO
May 2008 - December 2009, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
As one of founders of ValueLinker(, In charge of team building and management, cost control, system design and development, etc. Accomplished ValueLinker website and made it online in just 7 monthes, with low cost. The website is SNS and B2B2C oriented, which is based on real-time(<30 secs) search engine, distributed database and real-time data analysis and presentation.

Paytong info Tech Ltd., Co, Tech Director
August 2007 - May 2008, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Start and manage tech team. Lead team to work out the platform of mobile payment. In charge of communication with partners from America, India and China respectively. Accomplished PMPP(Paytong Mobile Payment Platform) and help partners to connect to PMPP.

Augmentum, SSE & Team Leader
September 2010 - August 2007, Shanghai, Shanghai, United States
Lead a team to develop a multimedia system which is based on 3g~3.5g and consumer oriented. In charge of tech research, team construct and management, architecture of project, development of infrastructure components, and communication with US customer under help of USP. Figured out the first demo in two weeks and got the approval from customer, then got a chance to expanded the project from a demo to a real complex system, and the team was increased from 3 to 9 people. Got awarded by promotions

ipi in Shenzhen, China, Senior Software Engineer
February 2003 - June 2006, Shenzhen, Select a State, United States
Use c/c++, XML, COM, Java, etc. to develop telecom server used to manage some SPs(Service Providers) and serve for more consumers. Focus on infrastructure components, concurrent, load-balance, optimizer, etc. Some server plugins and smart-tester tools are involved. MobileNavigator, the server I was in charge of, is working well in China Mobile(Jiangsu and Zhejiang). And got awarded by China Mobile(Zhejiang) and iPi because of perfect job.

WebEx(Suzhou, China), Software Engineer
February 2002 - February 2003, Suzhou, Select a State, China
Learn how to development internet oriented expo which is based on WebEx basic TP system.


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