Vesna Vukovic-Dzodan
Agile Coach/Scrum Master at Capital One.
Toronto, Canada


Passionate about improving the way we work together to create and deliver software solutions. Background in software development and business analysis, born in Belgrade, Serbia. Currently working in Toronto, Canada.

I have always been team oriented and the initiatior of the frequent just in time design and decisioning and follow up with the customores and when in 2012 I had the opportunity to be a scrum master I jumped into it.

Delivering working software continiously with zero defects became a mission and a obsession and quite a thrill to share it with my team members and stakeholders. I have attended workshops and many events where I kept learning about the facilitation, problem solving, coaching, testing, backlog, emotional inmtelligence.... and met incredible group of people who inspire me every day to keep learning and never settle for the best practices but pursue and challenge status quo and contribute to leading practices.

I am currently part of huge initiative to change the banking experience, something that was unimaginable few years ago and now we are crushing one milestone at a time. And having fun as we do it.