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Victoria Thio


Manager, IBM

Location: Research Triangle Park, NC/USA


Certified ScrumMaster



Victoria Thio has extensive experience in developing and delivering software for over 25 years at IBM, 18 years as a programmer, 6 years as a manager, and over 1 year as a corporate staff member focusing on software quality.  As a programmer and team leader, she developed software for banking applications, networking devices and tools and was also involved in activities such as gathering requirements, architecting systems, managing projects, writing and executing test cases, demonstrating products at tradeshows, running beta tests, and supporting technical writers.  As a manager, she was responsible for software development, build, install, functional and system verification tests, and information development.  Currently, she is involved in enabling development teams to improve their software engineering practices and deliver higher quality software.  Victoria has created and/or led communities focusing on software development, code analysis, continous integration, and other areas. 


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