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Von Rhea


Engineering Director, MEP, Trimble

Location: Westminster, CO


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Agile Denver


I started the Agile / Scrum journey in 2004 with Corporate Express. At that time our development methodology was documented in a 5" binder with new processes being added frequently. I introduced Agile / Scrum to my various development teams and management. I held various roles within Corporate Express and Staples (which purchased Corporate Express). However, all the roles were around managing multiple development teams and introducing Scrum to those teams. Right after the Staples merger, I managed the Corporate Financial Systems teams until a role was created around introducing Agile/Scrum into the greater Staples organization. I held that position for about a year, constantly working with teams and management on Agile principles. From there I went to GHX in Louisville, Colorado, and continued to manage development teams. We introduced the concept of the SAFe principles / Release Train as well as enhanced product management approaches for the organization. I continue to introduce Agile / Scrum and now DevOps in my current role at Trimble. I manage teams around the world and am using both Scrum and DevOps to bring the various processes together for consistency.


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