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Vitaly Korol


Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Vitaly Korol

From the very beginning (2005) of my career in software development I wondered why it is so difficult to ensure the deadlines and quality of the work performed . Why often it turns out that the customer may remain unsatisfied even if done everything he asked for and at the right time and budget. Why software development is a chaotic and difficult to predict.

In 2008 for the first time I faced the task to establish the software development process in a company. I decided that it must be transparent, efficient and flexible. I started to look for what the advanced professional community has to offer. I found Agile and Scrum and my professional life changed dramatically.

At the moment, my professional activities have been developed in two ways: as a product owner and as an Agile coach. As a product owner, along with several Scrum teams, I develop marketable software products. As an Agile coach, I do various meetings facilitating and the transformation of the teams and organizations in the Agile direction.


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