Victoria Hall


Division Manager - Protein Technologies Software, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Location: Hercules, CA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Bio not yet available.

Work experience

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Div Mgr - Software
April 2007 - Present, Hercules, CA, United States
In a series of more responsible positions within Bio-Rad, I have introduced Scrum and grown it into the defacto software development methodology. I have served as Scrum master and coach for seven teams internally. I have developed five Scrum masters to take my place on all the teams and continued to coach at the team level. I have trained and coached most of product management and the five active product owners within our organization. I have nurtured the practice internally and have secured divisional and group level endorsement for a wider role out of Scrum to our consumables and hardware development groups. These transformations are in process and have taken most of my time over the last year. I have approximately ten years of agile experience; the last seven years have been devoted mostly to Scrum. Approximately half of my time is spent coaching internally and nurturing my first and second followers to enable a wider transformation. We begin coaching internationally later this year.