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Vincent Guyot


IT Architect, Le Forem

Location: Charleroi, Belgium


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Vincent Guyot.


Has worked For Siemens in IT development for 19 years, enjoying his job in a lot of different roles, his main orientation is object oriented approach, web, XML.

While still enjoying pure development cycle, his last years by Siemens make him enjoy the architect and analyst views being in direct contact with end users. This allowed him to validate his communication skills and understanding of NON IT people problems to understand IT specialists not always speaking a human oriented language.

He then take a new challenge as Business Analyst by Test-Achats, using his past experience to build a bridge between IT and end users, acting as a both ways translator.

In his new function he has also to manage request and their follow-up, including the prioritizing and submiting to IT local specialist.

Agile methodology with Scrum is in use and his acting make clear the need for him to be a CSPO, which was achieved on September 10, 2010.


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