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Ulrich Stürzlinger


Product Owner, finnova AG Bankware

Location: Lenzburg, Switzerland


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Ulrich Stürzlinger has 15 years of experience in the field of software development in a variety of different environments across a number of industries. With a strong background of business process management and method development he has a very structured way of thinking and fast solution oriented way of working.

Since his first contact with Scrum and Agile Ulrich embraced its ideas and tries to foster change in his working environment. Being a highly team oriented person he has the ability to cooperate with teams and colleagues as well as lead teams to achieve a common goal.

Ulrich as a Product Owner of the datamanagement and performance core team and the Product Manager of the Enterprise Architecture is currently responsible for designing the core solution Finnova to the demands and requirements of the various stakeholders in context of the SAFe framework.

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Work experience

finnova AG Bankware, Produkt Manager (SAFe)
September 2017 - Present, Lenzburg, Aargau, CH
As a Product Manager in context of SAFe I am designing the finnova core software to the requirements of the various stakeholders as well as supporting and coaching the Enterprise Architect to ensure the correct planning and implementation of the technical requirements to make the enterprise architecture fit for future requirements without disrupting the agile framework.

finnova AG Bankware, Product Owner
May 2017 - Present, Lenzburg, Aargau, CH
- Designing the core solution Finnova as a Product Owner according to the demands and requirements of product management especially for the non-functional banking environment - Ensuring the implementation of the Product Vision based on the requirements established by the product management - Managing and prioritising the Product Backlog - Creating Epics and User Stories in close cooperation with product management and external customers - Ensuring the goal-driven implementation in accordance with other Product Owners and the SAFe framework - Sporting the collaboration within the Product Owner Team actively

Österreichische Lotterien, Chairman of the Euromillions IT Workgroup
April 2015 - April 2017, Vienna, AT
As chairman of the IT workgroup I represent the IT interests of the Euromillionen members. In this context I am the point of contact for information technology related topics requested by other workgroups.

Österreichische Lotterien, Product Owner
January 2013 - April 2017, Vienna, AT

After two years as a ScrumMaster with 15 years of experience in the field of software development using a variety of programming languages in different industries and environments, I finally find myself working as a Product Owner. This will allow me to discover new possibilities and broaden my perspectives.

I use my skills and roles to be a better Product Owner for my team. Due to my openness I lay the foundations for a honest and effective business relationship with my team and my stakeholders.

Always interested in new challenges and technologies I am looking for interaction with technology and techies as well as the best possible support of my (internal and external) business customers.

I define myself as a catalyst between technology and business as well as a strong supporter to my team.

AIM Software GmbH, ScrumMaster
September 2012 - January 2013, Vienna, Vienna, Austria

As a ScrumMaster I ensure that the development team can focus on their main goal. In this context I am responsible for the following:
• Establishment und protection of the Scrum-Framework
• Continous improvement of the ScrumTeams according to inspect and adapt
• Identification and removal of impediments for the ScrumTeam
• Moderation and facilitation of meetings and discussions
• Support for the deployment process
• Support for the introduction and coordination of the test framework

European Directories, Scrum Master
March 2011 - August 2012, Vienna, Austria

Tech Lead of the Content Team (Content Aggregation Platform):
• creating a high level architecture in close collaboration with the product owner
• supervising the technical implementation of the design
• interface from business to development and vice versa
• transforming business requirements into technical specifications
• supporting the team with development

Team Lead of the Content Development Team (Content Aggregation Platform):
• forming a development team
• team organisation
• recruiting of new developers
• integration of new members into the team
• 1 on 1 meetings on a regular basis
• responsible for employee assessment and testimonials
• definition of goals for the team members

Scrum Master of the Content Development Team (Content Aggregation Platform):
• supporting the team to focus on sprint goals
• protect the team from external factors
• organisation and moderation of scrum related meetings (Daily, Grooming, Demo, Retrospective etc.)
• estabish a good working relation with the product owner to minimise frictions between the team and stakeholders
• certification as Scrum Master (English)
• certification as Product Owner (German)
• certification as Scrum Professional

HEROLD, Scrum Master / TA
February 2011 - March 2011, Moedling, Austria

Technischer Analyst at HEROLD IT (a European Directories Operational Company):
• analysis of business requirements
• transformation from business requirements into technical specifications
• certifiaction as Scrum Master (German)

Basler Versicherungen in Österreich AG, Senior Web Developer
February 2007 - January 2011, Vienna, Austria

Senior Web Developer at Basler IT:
• evaluation of new software technologies
• development of a new framework to rapidly create new insurance tariff calculators based on Java using XML as a layout description language
• implementation of various tariff calculators based on the new framework
• supervison and evaluation of various internships
• maintenance and migration of existing tariff calculators
• migration from SourceSafe to subversion (SVN)
• introduction of an error tracking system (Bugzilla)
• integration of flooding risk data (HORA) into the internal HOST system (IDEAL)
• providing flooding risk data (HORA) via Axis webservices to third subsidiaries
• creation of an automated setup file creation process using Microsoft Windows Installer XML (WiX)
• process evaluation, process analysis, and proces optimisation for provisioning vehicle insurance confirmation documents (VB)
• evaluation of different programming solutions to implement the VB process
• realisation of the VB process using Oracle Application Express (APEX)
• initiation of a digital signature system to impruve performance of the insurance process
• evaluation of legal issues for digital signatures and insurance contracts
• implementation and test usage of the digital signature
• training of new colleagues in Java, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, XSD

BOC Information Systems GmbH, Senior Method Engineer
September 2002 - January 2007, Vienna, Austria

Methodengineer and Process Responsible for the EU-Project GENESIS:
• engineering of a data modelling concept for small and medium enterprises (SME) in collaboration with SAP research
• regular reviews of created (reference) modells and qualtiy assurance of the newly modelled processes
• supervision of the collection of new requirements, selection of required changes, identification of gaps, realisation, documentation, testing, and releasing
• adaption of the automated process documentaion interfaces for HTML, RTF, and DOC using DSSSL (LISP), CSS, Java, JavaScript
• extending the software to support XML as import format using XML Schema (XSD) to transform files into a uniform format

Developer for the documentation of ADOxx using XML:
• adaption of XMetaL using JavaScript
• transformation of XML input files into various formatted outputfile formats using XSLT, XSL-FO und Java

Responsible Method Engineer for the Allianz Life Insurance (Stuttgart):
• creation of various reports for HTML und RTF using CSS, XSLT, DSSSL, Java, Java Applets, and JavaScript
• migration EPK based processes
• modification of the ADONIS metamodell using SQL

Implementation of a data transformation interface for Vodafone Germany:
• transformation between two XML formats using XSLT

Development and Realisation of a versioning system for Vodafone Portugal
• modular development of a reusable component using AdoScript

Development of new Components in the Context of ADOxx using IDL and JavaScript

Extension of the „Phoenics“-Method (Generali Insurance) to support the mapping between different databases
• planning and realisation
• implementation using C/C++ and WINDOWS-API programming

Extension of the „Gloria“-Method (Munich Re Insurance Group) to support HTML Generation:
• creating embedded context menus using CSS, Java and JavaScript
• adaption of DSSSL scripts

BOC Information Technologies Consulting AG, Software Developer
September 1996 - December 2002, Vienna, Austria

Lead Developer for HOMER a Process Data Assessment Tool (VB / Excel VBA):
• analysis of the problem
• creating a high level architecture
• implementation
• test
• documentation


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