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Tim Tuohy


Agile Project Manager, Blue Dolphin Software Ltd

Location: Surrey, UK


Certified ScrumMaster



Tim Tuohy bio.


I started working in financial services over 20 years ago, mainly insurance and pensions, also investments. I was a trainee actuary for a while, so my background has been more on the business side rather than development. I have almost 20 years experience as an IT project manager and have been using Agile techniques since 2001.


In 1998 my wife and I moved to New York and I managed my first delivery project for an insurance company. That was my first project in the role of IT project manager. I then had an opportunity to work in Chicago and we moved there in 2001. This was where I was introduced to Agile. This was a financial services greenfield development project and I was told to adopt Extreme Programming as the method to manage delivery. I have been using Agile ever since, mainly Scrum, but also Kanban. I think what has kept me loyal to Agile is that it not only achieves efficient delivery of quality code the business needs, but it also emphasises creating a healthy working environment in which everyone can thrive.


In 2013 I set up Blue Dolphin Software [] with my business partner, Fred Scefi, who also has a passion for delivering software using Agile methods. Fred is a very accomplished technical solution architect. We have successfully delivered a number of software projects for household names such as Fidelity,, KPMG, HSBC and the Pension Protection Fund.


Work experience

Fidelity International, Agile Project Manager and ScrumMaster
September 2016 - March 2017, Hildenborough, Kent, GB
Managed a team of developers and product owners located across three continents: India, China, Luxembourg, Germany and Bermuda. My team, "Team Tiger", was responsible for successfully delivering a number of projects within the Continental Europe Tech department.

Equiniti, Agile Project Manager
August 2015 - August 2016, Three Bridges, West Sussex, GB
I was hired as Agile Project Manager for the design and delivery of a new work management platform.

Immersive Album, Project Manager and ScrumMaster
July 2013 - July 2015, Hastings, East Sussex, GB
Immersive Album was a tech startup with the ambition of developing a platform for musicians that allowed them to create their own interactive music apps at little cost. I was one of the founding partners and was responsible for delivery of the platform. Sadly, after a couple of years, the business closed down as we were unable to secure further investment to complete the platform.


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