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Tarun Sharma


9Squares Ltd

Location: London, UK


Certified ScrumMaster



Tarun Sharma


Tarun is a continous learner ! He loves working alongwith people and endeavours to help, support, motivate and coach them maximising their potential while pursuing continous improvement.He has a "Can do" approach in life and is always ready for challenges and trying out new & smarter ways to solve problems. He is pragmatic and believes in continously refreshing priorties in the light of various opportunities and challenges on the way. He believes you do not need to be perfect to start and is allright to make mistakes as long as same mistake is not repeated again.

He believes in continous improvement and perhaps this is why he found his passion in Agile.

In his career of 15 years, he has been an enterpreneur, developer, business analyst, technical design lead, scrum master. He has lead many teams, projects and programs of various sizes across distributed locations. He has provided coaching & mentoring to teams in Agile.

In his free time, Tarun likes to explore new places and plans to see the whole world once. His other interests includes photography, book reading and trying out new gadgets in the markets.


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