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Timothy Serrano


Director, Marketing

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

+1 (604) 716-5233


Certified ScrumMaster


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Agile Vancouver


Timothy Serrano, Agile Internet Marketing Solutions Architect

We have never been more connected to each other now than ever in our lifetime.  Our natural human instincts compel us to articulate our thoughts on any device, associate with other people's similarities and differences, and create common or disparate decisions in the social context of our situations in the communities we live in.  How we find and conduct ourselves in such context is a blank canvass of possibilities, a myriad of intentions and opportunities.  I will paint and weave my creative passions on that canvass with a like-minded team.  Together we will provoke thoughtful solutions that inspire action, trust and relationships.

16 years of experience in online marketing and digital media, the last 5 years of which I served with an agency as department head in delivering SEO, social media strategies, creative content, ecommerce solutions and strategic marketing objectives for top-end commercial websites with over $100 million in annual sales.  Previously represented and managed clients’ Internet Marketing strategies in a consulting capacity for 10 years.


Internet marketing, seo, ppc, web analytics, social media strategies, semantic web, ecommerce, user experience, emotional intelligence, new product development, product ownership, p&l, scrum framework, procedural and object-oriented programming, unconventional thinking that inspires creativity and transcendence with the team

Work experience

Ascion, LLC d/b/a Reverie, Director, Marketing
February 2011 - Present, Silver Creek, NY, United States

Leading the team in breaking through barriers and building bridges in the community by facilitating trust and relationships based on innovative humanized branding solutions for Reverie.

Performing high level and hands-on marketing related duties, including but not limited to creating brand awareness, adaptive thinking, and developing customer-centric relationships within the sleep industry through virtual collaboration.

  • Pioneered and created the Marketing Plan for the Reverie brand with in-depth study of growth opportunities and target markets in the competitive marketplace.
  • Recovered relevant user names for platform on social intelligence with zero investment dollars, campaigning for the emergence and advancement of the brand's social reach.
  • Inspired, organized and drove the development and launch of the Reverie branded website with highly engaging content and ecommerce to Create Made-to-order Sleep System catered towards Athletes from all over the world, Boutique Hotel Guests and people with special sleep needs who go to Sleep Centers.
  • Attained 400% increase in website traffic from the old website with greater visibility and awareness for the Reverie brand.
  • Qualified and mitigated marketing opportunities for the Reverie brand in web and print advertising, network television, industry trade shows and conferences for best case ROI.

Think Inc., Production Manager - SEO, Creative Content, Application Development
March 2006 - February 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Project Manager, Senior ColdFusion Application Developer and champion for diverse and concurrent projects invested with highly motivated and expert teams of Search Engine Optimization or SEO Specialists, Search Engine Marketing or SEM Specialists, Creative Designers, Copywriters, Video Producers, Application Developers and Technical Programmers in a wide variety of brand-aware marketing strategies and business applications resulting in consistent Page 1 organic ranking for all accounts with Google, Bing and Yahoo!

  • Grew production related sales by 30% year-over-year average during a period of 4 years.
  • Represented the product vision to the customer as the Product Owner, including marketing of the product and analysis of the competition.
  • Responsible for high level functions of Profit and Loss (P&L) at all stages of the product lifecycle for all accounts.
  • Created and developed highly profitable eCommerce strategies from application code to documentation and customer training with native support for SEO and ontological definitions for the Semantic Web, promoting shopping cart pages to Page 1 SERPs.
  • Created and developed the groundwork for social media strategies based on SEO relevance with qualified keywords, quality content and inbound links in humanized terms.
  • Facilitated and executed all aspects of SEO, software development, diligent removal of impediments, stellar delivery, and strategic planning for growth with customers using Agile methodology.
  • Completed consecutive network infrastructure migrations of data, websites and mail services for hundreds of accounts with the leading ColdFusion hosting provider in North America.
  • Loyal and devoted team leader who protected the team, customer experience and the Intellectual Property rights of the company.

Mujo Web Designs, Owner & Senior ColdFusion Developer
January 1996 - February 2006, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Small Business Owner, Web & Print Graphic Designer, ColdFusion Developer of eCommerce and Content Management Systems, and Network Administrator/Consultant for several small- to medium-scale businesses and non-profit organizations in Asia and North America.

  • Designed and maintained over 200 custom websites for first time online presence with customers across a spectrum of niche markets.
  • Achieved 100% Page 1 SERPs for primary keywords during the infancy of SEM with rigorous compliance to W3C standards.
  • Acquired hands-on technical experience in enterprise network administration, security implementation and hardware resource provisioning for dedicated server hosting.
  • Raised awareness, visibility and availability of ColdFusion developers in the local community and international events during multiple platform acquisitions.


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