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Torbjörn Norström


Scrum Master & SW developer, SEB (Publ; SEB A; Banking ind; 20.000 empl)

Location: Stockholm Sweden

46 70 7393471


Certified ScrumMaster




I would like to recommend the book “Agile Software Development with Scrum” by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle (ISBN 0-13-067634-9) to anyone with the least interest in having an effective, structured, non bureaucratic, durable and creative approach to manage compound and/or complex everyday situations in team work. The book is surprisingly interesting as well as easy to understand. A perfect gift to anyone you wish well - not only people working with IT and complex project management.


Work experience

Assa AB, Scrum Master
January 2006 - December 2008, Stockholm, Sweden

Scrum master, Systems developer, Investigator, Tester, Documenter

During a long project initiated with the rewriting of a large B2B client, from PowerBuilder to Delphi Torbjörn has in addition to his development and investigation tasks also been responsible for automating the complex application building process in VMWare environment, as well as responsible for the necessary configuration management to deal with the twenty different configurations any new release resulted in. He has also improved the testing methodology through a structure of virtual test environments (Virtual PC) for different markets and configurations. The application is in the range of 150 'lines of code, 200 database tables and is the artery of the design and (security sensitive) calculation of both mechanical and electro-mechanical lock systems in dialogue between Assa AB and the 375 accredited locksmiths in Sweden as well as with Assas export markets around the world. The application is used in a similar way between the Nordic sister companies of Assa and their accredited locksmiths. To support the rewriting of the application Torbjörn also created a simple tool to effectively generate a base of uniform, easily maintained and object-oriented client code. His work also included regular customer contacts concerning deployment, support and investigation / requirements in direct dialogue or in seminars to identify and clarify different areas of concern. The assignment has also included continuous writing of functional descriptions and implementations proposals and some additional documentation in English. In recent years, Torbjörn has alternated his development efforts with a role as certified Scrum master and successfully led the project to a number of milestones defined in the sprint goals.

Technique / Method: Delphi 7, Sybase, SQLServer, Final builder, Team Foundation Server, VMWare, Virtual PC, Scrum

Assa AB, Scrum Master
October 2006 - January 2007, Stockholm, Sweden

Scrum master (agile project management)
In addition to his role as systems developer in a long-term project Torbjörn also took on a part-time assignment to manage a shorter parallel project as a Scrum master. The task was to develop a web application to handle complaints from retailers on a corporate group level. The team consisted of four developers and the development sprints resulted in refined requirements towards the international stake holder group, implementation, test, documentation and deployment of a first version of the application.

Technique / Method: Visual Studio C #, .NET 2.0, HTML, SQLServer, Team Foundation Server - Team systems (for Scrum administration), Scrum.


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