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T.J. Iaciofano


Director of CMS Practice, Six Dimensions

Location: Cincinnati, OH


Certified ScrumMaster




I am currently serving in the following roles for growing CMS Practice; Solutions Delivery Manager, CQ5 Solutions Architect, Consultant Manager, Engagement Manager, Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Content Management Systems (CMS). I am also responsible for opening the Cincinnati, OH branch of 6D called 6D Labs. 

My responsibilities include; 
- Collaborating on P&L, Revenue projections and overall company strategy
- Directing utilization and resource planning
- Implementing 4DX management strategy 
- Managing CMS team 
- Reviewing CMS team’s product deliverables and execution 
- Ensuring client and partner satisfaction 
- Providing industry specific strategy and guidance 
- Creating and maintain industry partnerships 
- Managing business development 
- Planning and leading projects through enterprise-level CMS conversions

I am a hardworking, detail-oriented, fast-paced, dedicated, adaptable and valued leader at Six Dimensions. I spend free time mixing family life and my technology addiction.

Previously at the University of Cincinnati;

As Assistant Director of Web Communications at the University of Cincinnati, I played an integral role in the university’s large scale branding and marketing initiative as it relates to its primary communication medium,

The most important facet of my role was to ensure that the UC Web site family embodies the UC brand and adheres to UC’s academic plan. This is achieved by guiding clients through a multifaceted process of rebuilding their website within our Content Management System (CQ5). 

The project required a complete migration off our deprecated CMS to a new enterprise-level system. I organized the public purchasing process of Day Software's CQ5 system and proceeded to engineer the implementation at UC from the ground up. After 6 months of customization and feature build-out we launched our first site, We added over 130 sites and 500 content authors and over 14,000 pages.


I am specialized in the higher education and the non-profit space, with an emphasis in large scale Web Content Management leadership such as Adobe's CQ5 platform.


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