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Tom Howlett


Developer/Scrummaster, Biomni

Location: London


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Bath & Bristol


Tom Howlett.

I've been developing software in london and briefly in New York for the last tens years. Prior to that I was a Engineering Officer on Cruise ships (not quite a fighter pilot but still cool!)  

I've been working at Biomni as a Developer and Scrummaster for 12 years and have been working hard to help transform a group of talented but shy programmers into a team that is open, committed and continually striving to improve. Introducing Scrum was the catalyst that bought us together. Biomni is a small software house producing Request Management software. I have been developing in C# for the last 10 years,and do a bit of RoR/Javascript in my spare time. I usually have my own little project that one day will....?



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