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Tammie Egloff


Usability Engineer, Independant Contractor

Location: St. Louis, MO


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Tammie Egloff's first degree is in Computer Science and Mathematics at Central Missouri State University. While completing this degree, she chose to spend a year in Edinburgh, Scotland, at Napier University. It was there that she learned about user centered design. After her year abroad, she returned to the US to complete her bachelor’s degree. However, she knew that this would not be her final career. After working 9 months as a developer in Kansas City, Tammie went back to the UK to complete her MSc in Human Centered Computer Systems at the University of Sussex. She never looked back. She loves working with users and designing software that makes their lives happier/easier. One of most memorable interview quotes came from a doctor she was interviewing. He said her design would “help save lives.” Tammie currently have 6 years of experience as a usability engineer and have worked with a variety of users, including the following:

  • nurses -Nursing Consult, Nursing Skills, and care plan software
  • doctorsMD Consult, Continuing Medical Education, and a greenfield study to innovate new products within the health sciences division at Elsevier
  • java developers and business analysts – SeeBeyond eBusiness Integration Suite: Review Article. This company was later bought by Sun, and is soon to belong to Oracle.
  • students
    • elementary aged: Harcourt Achieve, an online math tool
    • preschool children: master’s dissertation, see publications below

Publications and Conferences:


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