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Tim Carno Reissmuller


Project Manager, Kentor

Location: Stockholm


Certified ScrumMaster


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Tim Carnö  Reissmuller is a project manager/Scrum master within the IT and Telecom industry. He has several years experiance from working with Agile methods and has a proven trackrecord of successfull project. Tims aim is always to deliver, and to do so with high quality. 

Work experience

Kentor, Project Manager/Scrum Master
February 2013 - Present, Stockholm, Sweden
As a consultant at Kentor i work in the capacity of a Project Manager/Scrum Master with in the IT industry for varous clients.

Direktmedia, Project Manager/Scrum Master
July 2008 - January 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden
The work consists of customer contact in the form of Pre-sales support, workshops, training and requirements gathering. The clients I have managed projects for acts primarily in the Banking/Finance, Telecom and Retail industries. The average development projects usually have a time span of 4-8 months, and the team I’m responsible for is usually between 5-10 FTE’s.

Citibank, Project manager - Interface & Architecture
May 2007 - June 2008, Stockholm, Sweden
The work consisted of: - System Manager for Citibank Integration Server / ETL tool - Support the Nordic countries' daily operations - Project manager for development projects regarding integration. - Managed a development team of 2.5 FTE. - Responsible for the architecture of existing integration's and interfaces between Citibank IBM Z / OS mainframe and surrounding systems such as the data warehouse, print shop, credit assessment systems. - Acted as project manager for integration in the major development regarding Citibank's financial system ECS + and launch of new products on the Nordic market. - Reported to the Nordic IT department PMO.

Citibank, Nordic Information Security Officer
September 2006 - June 2006, Stockholm, Sweden
Worked with information security for Citibank Nordic technology department. My duties consisted of: - Manage the preparation of the Nordic IT organization and the entire Citibank Swedish organization for the annual information security audits. - Monitored that the Nordic IT department followed the established policies for information security and PCI. - Audited new IT projects to ensure that they meet Citibank's requirements and policies regarding information security. - Responsible for training courses in information security for all Swedish Citibank personnel - Preformed "self assessment" tests regularly to ensure that the various departments (Nordic Technology, Nordic Operations) met the requirements for information security compliance. - Supported ongoing projects / systems releases both local and Nordic level from an information security perspective.


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