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Soontarin Wongsirikul


Agile Transformation Leadership, Allianz Technology

Location: Huay Kwang, Bangkok, Thailand


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Alliance Thailand


Soontarin Wonsirikul started her IT career as a part-time columnist and writer during her bachelor degree. After graduation, Soontarin worked as system engineer in the banking sector. Since 2004, she shifted her area of interest to IT process by applying to Software Quality Assurance (SQA) at a software house, i.e. Inetasia.


A year later, Soontarin moved to Thomson Reuters to work as Software Process Improvement (SPI). At Thomson Reuters she still pursued this area as well as expanding her knowledge to related ones, e.g. CMMI, project management, Agile Development, process improvement, and so on. Soontarin's last job title at Thomson Reuters was Technical Specialist who provides process consulting, training, coaching, and several times in a year she is a speaker for external events, e.g. Thailand Practical Software Engineering (TPSE).

After 12 years at Thomson Reuters, Soontarin has made a decision to help people to find their meaning and values throughout their work at Allianz Technology. Her current job title is Agile Transformatio Leadership who would do everything to bring along the employees to adapt to changes via Agile mindset, practices, and so on. 

Work experience

Allianz Tecnology, Agile Transformation Leadership
February 2017 - Present, Huay Kwang, Bangkok, TH
Role & Responsibility: 1. Lead and coach the organization in its Agile adoption and promoting delivery of business value 2. Teach and Coach Agile practices and values within the organization 3. Coach employees and stakeholders to understand and enact Scrum and empirical product development 4. Influencing change that increases team performance at a sustainable pace 5. Work with Scrum Masters/Delivery Managers to increase the effectiveness of the application in the organization 6. Exhibit deep knowledge of Agile teachings and help teams to address dysfunctions that may result from teams misinterpreting, ignoring or rejecting Agile and Lean values and principles 7. Work with organizational leadership and teams to change and adjust organizational design to promote self-organizing teams within an enterprise environment 8. Display an understanding of the challenges with scaling agile teams across organizations. 9. Identify and address dysfunctional patterns caused by external forces that do not follow the values and principles of Agile or provide teams with an environment for agility 10. Exhibits a deep-passion for continuous learning and seeks to provide knowledge gained throughout the entire organization, beyond the team and line of business, and can facilitate classes, workshops, and Agile sharing events (e.g. Agile Hangouts, Community of Practice) 11. Utilizes broader experiences and adoption patterns, the Lean/Agile Coach helps the organization and (often multiple) Agile Teams adopt and progress in a feasible way 12. Capable of teaching and coaching application development teams to adopt Continuous Delivery practices such as Test-Driven Development, Specification by Example, Story Mapping, and other Lean/Agile Modeling Techniques 13. Ensuring the team knows how to arrange the Product Backlog to maximize value and teach techniques for effective Product Backlog management 14. Create well awareness of AMOS Thailand in Thailand community by sharing knowledge and active participate and contribution to software development community in Thailand 15. Provide guide/coach need for address gap and to enable better productivity for AMOS Thailand to Senior Management team.

Reuters Software (Thailand), Ltd., Technical Specialist
April 2013 - December 2016, Bangrak, Bangkok, TH
My responsibilities are to define, provide consultation, to create & deliver training, and coach software development teams to do software processes and practices properly and comply with regulations, e.g. CMMI standard, company policies, international laws, and so on. Most of development teams at my site (Bangkok) are using Scrum so most of my time have been spent in this area. For instance, I have developed and delivered Scrum courses (Agile Foundation: Software Development by Scrum, Being Agile, User Story and Agile Planning, Retrospectives, etc.), coached 2-3 development teams per year to adopt Scrum properly, and provided consultation by request.

Reuters Software (Thailand), Ltd., Senior Software Process Specialist
June 2008 - March 2013, Bangrak, Bangkok, TH
My responsibilities were mainly about providing support & consultation on process deployment, measurement and improvement activities. Also I worked with development teams to identify and facilitate preventive actions of common noncompliance for long-term process improvement as well as pointing out process improvement areas and best practices. Besides I participated in process improvement projects in putting in place process improvement standards and implementing process improvement initiatives, e.g. adopting Agile. For the process improvement, I had to ensure process and quality deployment on process performance and software quality issues.

Reuters Software (Thailand), Ltd., Software Process Improvement (SPI) Specialist
October 2004 - May 2008, Bangrak, Bangkok, TH
My main responsibilities were about defining and maintaining standard processes used in the organization, e.g. CMMI. I also studied and researched for best practices and development approaches that could be useful for our organization, e.g. Agile. To do this, I had to work with software development teams to find out what they did well and what they could/should improve in term of software development process.


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