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Srinivas Suravarapu



Certified ScrumMaster



Senior Developer with more than seven years of experience in Microsoft .NET technologies, having significantly contributed to implementing Scrum in my organisation. I enjoy designing and developing software. Currently working as a Scrum Master and pursuing an MBA with an interest in strategic and innovation management.

Articles I've written

Implementing Scrum: 8 Questions to Answer Before You Begin
Do your homework. Before embarking on the Scrum journey, go through this checklist to ensure you, your team, and your organization are ready for the changes Scrum will bring.

Strategist: A New Role for Scrum Organizations?
Srinivas calls for an organizational ScrumMaster, a strategist who balances the company's wish list against market realities and organizational capabilities. What do you think? Is this a necessary role? Are companies currently filling this need through other means? We invite you to read this article and share your organization's own experiences.


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