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Satya Ravi Singh



Certified ScrumMaster



Satya Ravi Singh is scrum passionate in the field of SharePoint. He is a Business Analyst with detailed knowledge in the field of Web Content Management, Scrum and SharePoint. And a self proclaimed philosopher, runner and speaker.

Work experience

Lotus Renault GP,
July 2011 - Present, , United Kingdom
Agile Based Scrum Project

Virgin Atlantic Airways (TCS),
September 2007 - April 2011, , United Kingdom
Scrum Practitioner for the following projects: 1. Website Content Management 2. Ad-hoc Release related to Website 3. Intranet Content Management

Articles I've written

Scrum For All: Deja Vu?
I've always wondered -- not just as a developer but as a human being -- why I needed to follow the orthodox methods of typical hierarchical reporting. There was always some "middle man" confusing the conversation. You can define many roles in a typical hierarchical organization, and


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