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Sarah Morris



Location: Oxford, United Kingdom


Certified ScrumMaster



I have been working in software project management since 2011 with experience in both the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles.  I am confident managing the complete software life cycle and working with both technical and business teams.  I have improved technical excellence by working closely with development teams, QA and devops to identify and minimise technical debt, implementing robust testing strategy and rigorous processes.  My roles have also seen me provide support and education to business functions which has supported the adoption of agile within my teams.

Work experience

Pearson Education, Product Owner / Portfolio Manager
September 2012 - Present, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
I joined Pearson Education at an early stage of their transformation from a traditional publishing business whose main focus was printing books to a global service provider of online educational tools and facing the challenges of providing software as a service. I work in a distributed team, initially as a scrum master but more recently as product owner. I have also worked extensively with a range of business teams to define best practices and implement appropriate processes. During my time at Pearson I have been able to improve the agile maturity of my team in many ways including enforcement of good practice during scrum rituals, sharing ownership of QA across the team and working with the business to increase the stable team to include dedicated scrum master, tester and design resource. I have also established a closer collaboration with dev ops and improved configuration managaement, rigorous testing processes and restoring business confidence after a period of instability in the service. In my role as product owner I am providing support and coaching to stakeholders in how agile practices supports their roles and enabling people to feel confident in them so empowering the core team to make appropriate decisions. I have also bridged the gap between the technology and business teams and have reached a point where reliability, security, performance and stability are non functional requirements always at the top of the backlog. Recently I have taken on additional responsibility to ensure the customer, business and technical teams are all represented across a small portfolio of platforms and leading improvement projects across them to raise technical excellence and consistency across teams,

Defaqto, Product Owner
October 2010 - September 2012, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

At Defaqto I worked as a product owner in an established data collection company who were starting to transition their main business function into the provision of software services.  My role was to help adopt agile process and improve maturity within the development team as well as the supporting business units who needed to adopt the new practices and move away from the 'waterfall' mindset.   My role was also heavily focussed on educating on the benefits of stakeholder engagement, identifying and mitigating aganst risk and importance of customer support when providing software as a service.  While employed as a product owner I was also heavily involved with supprting scrum master responsibilities and developing test strategies.

Articles I've written

Transitioning to Agile
When traditional Waterfall approaches to software development are not producing the required results, it's natural for Agile to be considered an answer. While I have nothing but support for such a decision, it is not an easy path to follow. . . . This article has been written to prepare teams for what lies ahead.


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