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saurabh mittal



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Articles I've written

5 Traps to Avoid in Daily Scrum/Stand-up Meetings
One of the interesting and most useful practices is the daily Scrum/stand-up meeting held by an Agile team, when the ScrumMaster supports collaboration among the team members. However, there are some typical traps that Agile teams fall into. Here are the ones to avoid.

Agile and Its Value
A lot of people in the business community joke that Agile is for those who don't know what they are doing. May be they have read and signed off on huge requirements specs (running into hundreds of pages) and are proud about it. . . .

Agile and Its Value: Part 2
I was searching for a bookshelf to buy for my home. After looking into the market, I decided to go to the carpenter store nearby. . . .


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