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Sugandha Mestri


Scrum Master, Tata Consultancy Services

Location: Mumbai, India


Certified ScrumMaster


Work experience

Tata Consultancy Services,
November 2002 - Present, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Scrum Master since November, 2011.

Articles I've written

Daily Stand-Up
Being part of an Agile team, I've found that stand-up meetings have become our daily routine. So it is very important that we extract the maximum value out of them.

What Is It That a ScrumMaster Does All Day Long?
Let's see what it is that a ScrumMaster does all day long. . . .

Can a Team Fit to a Bell Curve Be Self-Organized?
Many of the challenges in Agile and Scrum arise from the idea of the self-organizing team. Of course, many (perhaps most) of the benefits are also the result of self-organizing teams. . . .


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