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Sophie Manton


Agile Coach, Azula


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Sophie Manton


Sophie is a change catalyst who as an accomplished, passionate and creative Agile Coach, Mentor and Lead Scrum Master strives for excellence with and through people. Interpersonally adept she creates meaningful and productive communication at all organisational levels. She’s also an NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer and visual facilitator so draws on her myriad of skills to attain the best out of the groups she works with.


Sophie’s Scrum journey began in 2006 when she played a pivotal role in driving a transition to Scrum across the whole company. This involved creating a transition team, PO’s and 35+ Scrum teams that were geographically and organisationally dispersed. In those days it was getting to grips with Scrum and then mentoring teams, business leads and customers on an agile way of working. Sophie also created knowledge support groups to enhance and spread adoption. Since then she has been part of many Agile transformations across varying sectors including banking, retail and engineering, from large corporates to smaller start-ups. She loves the variety and the two-way experience, knowledge exchange and learning from each of the teams she encounters. Her passion is working with teams where she challenges working-practices, behaviours and often long-held principles and beliefs in order to make space and drive change for a more empowering and effective environment.


She is a regular face in the Agile community, attending and speaking at Agile meetups and conferences.


Work Experience

• Agile Coach – Barclaycard (Barclays Personal Finance, Cardiff) o Supporting this business unit with their adoption of Scrum. Initially this was a pathfinder team and then with a restructure to form 6 teams servicing one backlog for the business unit. This was a massive change for them, both in terms of having one backlog where all the work to be done was visible and competing against each other from a business perspective, and also embedding the Agile principles and practices across the business unit.

• Agile Coach RippleRock Associate – Unum, UK o Concentrated on bringing Agile principles and techniques to two main areas over 3 sites. There were 7 teams of which 3 were Scrum and 4 Kanban.

• Scrum Master - Barclaycard (Digital Marketplace, Northampton) o Helped the business unit as a whole, then formed 3 teams where I was Agile mentor and Scrum Master for them. These teams had a close and direct interactions with the core bank working in waterfall. Challenging! Left with a far stronger set up and a team that could stand on their own feet and challenge for positive change.

• Agile Coach (RippleRock Associate) – OSyS, Rolls Royce; Tesco Grocery; Tesco Bank o Coaching various specific teams in Scrum across various organisations. Training the teams in Scrum and then coaching them to inspect and adapt and attain better ways of working.

• Agile Coach - Betfair, UK o Part of the Agile coaching team focussing on adoption of Scrum across the sporting unit. Training, coaching, Scrum Mastering.

• Agile Mentor, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Developer – Micro Focus, UK. o From lead software developer and then to project manager, one of my first projects was to “Roll out Scrum”… across the whole organisation. This provided numerous great challenges, learnings and experiences, and I’ve been part of the Scrum and Agile community ever since!


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