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Shining Hsiong



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My experience in Agile is unique. I started my career in 2001 as an editor of tens of books on software management of those gurus, such as Jerry Weinberg, Tom Demarco, Fredrick Brooks, Alistair Cockburn, introducing them with their theory and practice to China IT industry. I am active in many community activities, user groups, conferences, conventions in technical world, playing the role of event management. At the first AgileChina conference in 2005, when Martin Fowler visited China, I learned the concept of Agile and was kept informed from a lot of community experts. My connection to Agile becomes tight when I organized the first and the second QCon conference in China, the fourth and fifth AgileChina conference, and the first national wide Agile events Agile Tour China. I met a lot of experts in Agile domain and learnt a lot about Agile. As the product owner of these community events, I inspect myself and try to improve my management skill with Agile theory and practice.

Work experience

Scrum Gathering Shanghai, Product Owner
June 2011 - Present, Shanghai, China
As a volunteer conference chairman, or product owner of Scrum Gathering Shanghai 2011, I successfully lead the community to make this conference break-even in finance, and most of all, a big national program from agile community and for community agility. This year's Scrum Gathering attract 400 delegates, 40 local speakers, and 5 international speakers. The eight tracks focus on all the important aspects of agile and make the whole program design a good story of "Let Agile Fly- Bull's eyes!".

Agile Tour China, National Coordinator
October 2010 - Present, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, etc., China
For the first time in 2010, agile became a "national movement" in China, because in that year, Agile Tour went to 8 cities, and in 2011, 14 cities. As a program organized totally by community volunteers, Agile Tour grows in chaos, which brings me great opportunity to learn the real essence of management, that is, to learn how to manage volunteers.

Agile China Conference 2006~2010, Conference Manager
June 2006 - October 2010, Beijing, China
In 2006, partnering with ThoughtWorks, as the conference manager, I organized the first agile conference in China, invite Martin Fowler to speak in China, and introduced the concept and practice of agile to China. The theme of that year's conference is: agile, concept and practice. Later on, I was involved in several of this annual conference. Agile China Conference 2009 brought the program to a pitch, because for the first time, the conference became a non-free conference, and non-biased.

QCon Beijing 2009~2010, Product Owner
April 2009 - April 2010, Beijing, China
As the Managing Director of InfoQ China, I introduced QCon to China and held the first QCon Beijing in 2009 successfully both in finance and in reputation. QCon Beijing 2010 even reached the higher level, with revenue and delegates all doubled. And most of all, QCon ever since, becomes the best technical conference in China, with good quality in topic design and speakers.


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